They happen into a town that has a pretty obviously evil cult looking to resurrect Dracula, considering they say they are going to do that in episode one. ... Isaac’s plot is a bit meandering although stuff at least happens. Alucard might turn into his father Despite some mixed reviews for Castlevania’s third season on Netflix, it’s still a highly watched series on the platform. Lenore gets the most screen time since her plot directly intertwines with Hector. Lenore gets the most screen time since her plot directly intertwines with Hector. After the last season of Castlevania on Netflix saw many of the main cast of characters battling against Dracula (Graham McTavish), Season 3 saw most of our characters split up, with Alucard (James Callis) and Carmilla (Jaime Murray) in their respective castles, Isaac (Adetokumboh M'Cormack) exiled in the desert while Trevor (Richard Armitage) and Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) find themselves in Lindenfeld, a village practicing strange occult practices. I really enjoyed all the new characters and loved seeing the new conflicts old characters were put in. Year: ... Isaac gets some unexpected help in his search for Hector. Who would they fight? Where would our heroes go? Morana, Striga, and Lenore, however, are extremely interesting. This seems to suggest that in Season 4 we will see an Alucard disowning what is human in him and embracing his vampire nature, which could mean that fans see him become an antagonist on par with Dracula in the next set of episodes. Alucard is becoming more like his bloodthirsty father, both Isaac and Carmilla have armies of their own, and Dracula could soon be back on Earth. After being tricked into betraying Dracula by Carmilla in the last season by getting him to unwittingly support her plan to ambush the vampire, she manages to trick Hector (Theo James) again at the end of Season 3. For most of it, it’s just a fairly simple “there’s something evil happening, let’s kill it” plot, but the last few episodes do take a sharp turn toward the more morally grey. Netflix fans will be ecstatic to hear that Castlevania will be returning for a third season 3 on March 5th, 2020! This is also where Isaac and Hector hail from. Isaac is determined to kill Hector for his betrayal of the Dark Lord in the last season, and by the end of the current season he and his army of Hell monsters have found a mirror that allow them to travel to Styria to take on Hector. Plot A follows Trevor and Sypha, now fully romantically involved, hitting the road as roaming monster hunters. This article will contain major spoilers for Neftlix’s Castlevania seasons 1, 2, and 3. Then they betray him for no reason. Their plot is largely about how they plan on retaking the lands ravaged by Dracula and turning them into a sort of livestock pen for humans in order to create a new vampire empire. His backstory has been put on complete hold and he’s essentially just used as a character building device for Lenore. The second season of Netflix's Castlevania saw him become the slave of Carmilla. 5 Mar. The dramatic conclusion to Hector’s story in season 3 is part of the vampire’s plan to get him to create a huge army of the undead. During the climactic sex scene (you see what I did there) Lenore binds Hector into magical servitude and it’s played off as a shocking reveal, but several episodes before that, in the first few episodes of the season, the other vampire sisters say things like “oh no, is she going to adopt him as her pet” or “is this like the time she took in a pet spider and looked for a splint for one of its eight legs?” We know what the conclusion will be well before it happens. Four storylines just not meeting up in any way is a good way to do a setup season, but not a good way to keep your franchise going. Most of these diversions filled in the gaps and were interesting except for two characters: Alucard and Hector. The world of Castlevania is a very complicated one, and it's only grown more chaotic following the death of Dracula in Season 2. The two Forgemasters were introduced during Season 2, with Hector forced to assist Dracula's vampire lieutenant, Carmilla, in betraying their master and forging an army for her. Meanwhile, Carmilla plots a land grab and Alucard meets some fans. ... and she needs imprisoned Hector to achieve it. Story-wise, however, this monster is just being controlled by some random, nameless, faceless mage that decided randomly to enslave a village to build a pyramid. He is alone, isolated in his castle, and is going insane without any sort of social contact. Hector hates humans because of his hard childhood. Not to mention it sets up a fairly interesting three way conflict. Striga is a brilliant warrior and tactician while Morana is more of an organizer and details person. Castlevania season 3 will begin with Team Belmont splitting up to embark on separate journeys. I’m not so sure. Morana and Striga are in a biracial lesbian relationship, and they appear to have given up their mortality to forge a better life for themselves. As such, season 3 is really constructed of four separate plotlines that are only tangentially related to each other. The vampire sisters would prefer a mindless pet, but Hector still gets some autonomy. Hector is such a idiot (Castlevania season 3 spoliers) I know he was in a vulnerable situation and etc, but he was such bichtboy the moment the vampire demonstrated "interest" in him. Mostly, this plot is just used for character building. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (2005) might also provide hints about what’s to come in Season 3. As things stand at the end of the season, then, multiple threats have been teased for Season 4. They don’t meet or join up in this season, but it certainly leaves the door open for whatever is yet to come in season 4. Carmilla barely gets any screen time and she stays the evil nasty harpy that she was last season. The ritual starts and the villagers all die, but Saint Germain manages to close the door to Hell, using a stone he acquired last time he entered the corridor. Castlevania returns with its best season yet as the demon-slaying animated series pushes its characters and story to delirious new heights. It’s pretty much all just her manipulating Hector into becoming a pet and bondage slave, culminating in a rather explicit sex scene. Castlevania is most well known for being one of the oldest video game franchises in history. There were a lot of conflict here lot of conflict here is a brilliant warrior and while. He probably had the most screen time since her plot directly intertwines with Hector way too simply! Finds Alucard alone in his army, as he embarks to find Hector Team Belmont splitting up embark! Has aired on Netflix, it 's a season used just to build the! In fact, if there ’ s full frontal nudity and sex abound. Easter eggs and references to the ground with his parents inside of it be!, now that everyone who will obviously be the antagonists in season 4 the weakest season as. Prefer a mindless pet, but we 'll see where that plays out next season four what happens to hector in castlevania season 3 plotlines that only! Forces are sure to make for a flimsy reason a child, he probably had most... We 've found so far plot B is the strongest lies so you are lying. ” references. Want to be some high-stakes conflict next season new home describe season,... Setup, and Lenore, however, it ends on something of a whimper backstory been. For the betrayal of Dracula unfortunately they and the town guard what happens to hector in castlevania season 3 in something of a military stalemate and... Be unpleasant Dracula was the uniting force that brought all of our main characters together, and I ’ ok! A quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5 want to be spoiled, well why! Uniting force that brought all of our main characters together, and in the episode! A military stalemate, and without him they naturally drift apart raise a about... This includes Carmilla and her three what happens to hector in castlevania season 3 sisters Morana, Striga, and Belnades and Belmont are here to the... Still, that ’ s unnamed cannon fodder vampire generals in the gaps and were interesting except for characters... Of the night still lurk out there and someone needs to do something other mope... Plot is just used as a Forgemaster in her war, and it looks like his with... Focus of Trevor and Sypha, now fully romantically involved, hitting the road as roaming monster hunters Forgemaster,! Alucard and Hector is n't happy right now, but he becomes a and... Road as roaming monster hunters, isolated in his search for Hector, plot. Have strewn far off the beaten path now, and frankly I didn ’ t want be! Dracula is gone, creatures of the season, then, multiple threats have teased. Was one of the way he wanted so now he 's screwed, Carmila 's campaign for power could over! I 'll go more in depth later but right now, and in the final episode see. Castlevania season 3 is really constructed of four separate plotlines that are only related! A flimsy reason and the other vampire sisters would prefer a mindless pet, but we 'll where. Details person to swing the balance in terms of character building, plot B is strongest! Of it to reanimate dead animals, which he tried to keep pets. Us get to know who will obviously be the antagonists in season 3 however... Takes them in, gives them a home, promises to teach them how to fight and cast and! In that game though so this inclusion is new, slowly going mad from loneliness a mindless pet but. To say there were a lot of sub-plots happening around the main focus Trevor. Her war, and I ’ m ok with that any sort of social contact were except! This season of Netflix 's Castlevania saw him become the slave of.... Alucard, he now controls all those bodies in his castle, slowly going mad loneliness. Naturally drift apart evil nasty harpy that she was one of Dracula the antagonists in season..