B case. Join The Discussion. Which of the following is NOT a good method to evaluate a website as appropriate for research? Which of the Following is not Keyword in Java options A. Null, B. Import, C. Volatile, D. Package question asked in Programming, Java Programming, The namespace std is used to place names of the standard C++ library. A. auto. print(str(123.45) 123.45 O '123.45 0 123 Nothing is printed. case- must be unique char ch; Which of the following is not a java keyword Select one a if b else c name d from CS 6203 at AMA Computer University - Quezon City O int O string O float O number QUESTION 8 What value is printed when the following statement executes? Using a metasearch engine. A) null B) nil C) NIL D)NULL Answer. Which is NOT an example of a keyword search strategy to get more specific results? Answer : C. Post description for this question Do you want to describe better ? Which one of the following is not a reserved keyword for C? Actually none of the above as C++ is case sensitive. Q.which keyword in swift used to initialize the variable? Which of the following are legal identifiers in Java? Keywords are predefined reserved identifiers that have special meanings. View Answer. C++ - Keywords Implicit is not a valid reserved keyword in C++. Within same class: It can be done using this() keyword for constructors in same class From base class: by using super() keyword to call constructor from the base class. What does the sync keyword in a method signify? nonlocal is used to declare that a variable inside a nested function (function inside a function) is not local to it, meaning it lies in the outer inclosing function. D. default. Prajakta Pandit 01-25-2017 03:50 AM . Also, all identifiers that contain a double underscore __ in any position and each identifier that begins with an underscore followed by an uppercase letter is always reserved and all identifiers that begin with an underscore are reserved for use as names in the global namespace. Answer: Option C . Using an ecommerce website. 1.7 Which of the following is used to declare a record? Which one of the following is not a reserved keyword for C? Option – C. Categories Uncategorized Post navigation. They cannot be used as identifiers in your program. Answer. March 3, 2020 by Rimpa. 1) What number would be shown on the screen after the following statements of C are executed? O for class O type True QUESTION 6 What is the data type of 3.14? What is … E. register. QUESTION 5 Which of the following is not a keyword? D) nonlocal. Constructor chaining is the process of calling one constructor from another constructor with respect to current object. A auto. D default. B. case. What is the difference between AWT and Swing? Who had introduced yoga first time to western world in a religion conference Chicago, America in 1893? C main. The use of nonlocal keyword is very much similar to the global keyword. int string float number QUESTION 7 What is the data type of "3.14"? Comment * Comments ( 5) Swa Subramani : 3 years ago . B) pass. 1.8 Which of the following is not true about PL/SQL constants and literals? auto- default storage class and variables declares inside the function. B) Question : Which of the following framework is not used in iOS ?a)UIKit Framework b)AppKit Framework c)Foundation Framework d)CoreMotion Framework Answer: b C. main. 1.6 Which keyword is used instead of the assignment operator to initialize variables? C) eval. See identifiers for more details.. What is the difference between Aggregation and Composition? Your Name: Your Email: Description: View More Related Question. What is the difference between Eclipse and Myeclipse? Which of the following is not a keyword? A) assert.

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