Have a look at these products and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Always try a test are first to ensure that there are no adverse reactions and if you have any further questions or would like some advice on getting a good white finish, feel free to get in touch. This should remove most of the paint. I am mostly just waxing the visible boards with Briwax (it’s a small room which does not have heavy traffic). Thank you for your inquiry, sometimes using wire wool with a paint stripper can cause the wood to turn black. Use your sponge and white spirit to eliminate the wax off your furniture. Thank you for your inquiry, I’m not overly familiar with the Cetol product although I am aware it is Sikkens woodstain, so likely to be a surface sealer. If you look for information on how to remove paint from wood, you will find tons of articles and how-to guides online. You won’t need to use a scrapper with the Peelaway as it is a Poultice that you leave on for an allocated time (which can be established from the test) with a blanket over the top, and then when ready you peel the blanket away and remove the paint at the same time. Best regards! Ideally I would like all the rooms to have the natural wood but I think they wouldn’t match even after paint/varnish removal so this might be unrealistic so I either need to varnish them all or to paint them all. They give off fewer fumes than solvent-based paint strippers, are cheaper and tend to work faster. Use a 280 grit to sand the surface. Whether the paint is water- or oil-based, it's best to try other removal methods before you resort to solvents. Acrylic paint is a fast-drying water-based paint which contains the pigment that is suspended in the emulsion. If the paint is especially stubborn, you may need to use some Odorless Mineral Spirits to remove it (this may be necessary for an oil-based paint). Check out our Simple Wood Projects playlist for more ideas: https://thd.co/2NzglMGFind out more ways to remove paint from wood with methods like sanding and paint strippers with our guide: https://thd.co/2HsCFUg#TheHomeDepot #HomeImprovement #DIYSUBSCRIBE to The Home Depot: http://thd.co/2iib0HEHere’s a breakdown of the most common ways to remove paint from wood: 0:20 Gather your materials0:29 Apply heat to the paint using a heat gun0:35 Scrape the paint0:45 Revisit problem areas0:53 Wash the woodSafety: When scraping, sanding or removing old paint by other means, you may release lead dust. It has lots of round spindles which I can sand. I’ve managed to remove most of it but there are patches left. It’s in decent condition so I don’t want to sand and refinish it, but I do want to deep clean it and revive it a bit. Any recommendations to strip the gloss away to get the markings back? I am not sure what the green wood could be, but you are welcome to send in some images to wood@finishes.direct for one of our wood finishing experts to have a look at and hopefully we can help you further – Sam. I hope you can help with my problem before I end up sanding the whole door away.I was given a partly stripped edwardian interior door as a project,but it is the first time I have tried anything like this.It had been stripped with a heat gun (I know!!!) Hi, I used nitromors and yes I used wire wool. Any ideas greatly received. This product needs to soak into the certain amount and the paint will prevent this. I am not familiar with the Colron product, but generally wood revivers have Oxalic Acid in them which should not leave a dark stain or mark, unless you have used with wire wool, but even then it shouldn’t mark. We have two removal products that you could use for taking off the paint but I wouldn’t like to say if they will have an effect on the markings underneath, only a test area will show this. This is a poultice that you can leave on for 24/48 hours and then peel all the treatment off. There is an enormous build-up of mostly water-based paint as sink used in an art classroom and has years of paint build up. The first is Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. Carefully choose what kind of sand paper you need for the job. We’d be delighted to help. Any marks or stains can simple be sanded back and patch repaired very easily as the oil will blend. Can I ask you to email me with details of which stripper you used? Hi Sam Removing old varnish and stain can give wood a fresh start. I think that peel away 1 is going to be my best bet for stripping, however; what would you suggest I utilize to preserve the wood. Is there a way of removing this without sanding another millimetre off? Wood stains are available in an array of colors, ranging from light to dark. Bear in mind, also, that a hot air gun can only be used as a paint remover, not a varnish remover as varnishes tend to go very gooey, almost glue-like, when heated. As your baby gets older you may find that they chew or bite areas of the cot teething (I know from experience), so whatever you have on there needs to be child safe. thanks in advance I have seen the photo thank you. The staircase had only been painted down the sides, leaving a space in the centre of each step which would have been covered by the runner down the middle of the stairs. But once the raw wood is sealed, the color of the wood darkens, and sometimes it gets an orange tint to it. Can you recommend which products and method would be best suited to what I want to do? It is important to do a test area first. Also if you get chance to send some photos of the sewing table, I would love to see, as a collector of a few vintage sewing machines, love to see what people do with the tables. Hope you can help. It’s not too hard to do so. The PeelAway Sample Pack may be enough if you only have a small area that needs treating. Once you have washed off as much paint as you can the wood should be allowed to dry and then sanded. Thank you for your inquiry. Citristrip: This wood stripper is an orange gel, best on furniture details and flat surfaces since it is thin. Once the paint comes off the wood remains a bit sticky. If you would like to send some photos in to our email address wood@finishes.direct one of our experts can take a look for you. Choose a matt, satin or gloss, Paint and distress it for a cool, shabby chic look with a matt. Want The fumes are so over powering it’s been left in the garage. We have two very good strippers that you could have a look at and I would recommend test areas first with both or either products that you use. Our options are to put new wood floors down over old wood, recarpet or hope they can get the paint off. Also if you are looking to apply some colour there are some alternatives. Hi one of our internal pine doors has been stripped using caustic soda. ? paint, varnish, wax, stain and polish removers, contact our team of wood finishing experts, PeelAway 1: Revealing the Beauty of 90 Year Old Windows, Barrettine Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover, Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint – Gloss, Reinvent Your Home Office: Walls and Ceilings, The Dining Table: The Family Centrepiece of Christmas, Exterior and interior doors and door frames. They are usually very gentle on the wood and won’t damage it, which is why they’re used in the antique trade. A good blog here, interesting points made on how to remove paint from wood, enjoyed reading this ! Thanks! Thank you for your inquiry, there are to products that we recommend for paint and varnish removal. If you've managed to get some enamel paint on your skin, fabric, or a hard object, then the key is to act fast. Great blog, thank you. It makes the paint bubble so that you are able to scrap it off. Would the Panther Paint Stripper and a bristle brush be a better option. You can use steel wool to get rid of stubborn areas of paint or varnish, and old toothbrushes and wire brushes are also useful. If the oil moves or soaks in then you have an oil or a wax on there, this will help to determine what product you will be able to use once clean. This will probably be the easiest stripper for you to use but there is also the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover, which works by applying it on to the painted area and within 5 – 10 mins the paint should start to bubble up so that you can scrap it off. Also one of the frames came up as green wood, is that normal? Feel free to email me at wood@finishes.direct for more advice. How do I remove ready for repainting with Ronseal 10 year exterior It took 2 solid coats. If there is any wax on the chalk paint then you could be looking at wiping down with White Spirit first and then warm water. Also I’m not sure what kind of oil is best to get it looking good again. Step 3 After which remove all the paint stain with a pin or needle. Estabrooke and McMillan suggest options like Simple Green, Mrs. Meyers, or Murphy Oil Soap. Unlike paints, stains do not sit on the surface of the wood, they are absorbed into the wood, making removal a bit more challenging. But this should help you considerably with getting back to bare wood. Mix equal parts of water and dishwasher detergent in a glass. Chemical stripping is the best method for stripping carved wood with hard-to-reach, intricate areas, but in reality, you will probably use a combination of mechanical and chemical methods for your project, especially if you have layer-upon-layer of old paint to take off. Paint removal from large areas of brick, wood, metal, and other surfaces may seem like a daunting task. I have used Citristrip with great success until now. The rooms have been transformed with a very haphazard application of lilac and lime green emulsion – beams included! Obviously every product is slightly different. Use a paint scraper, putty knife or specialty scraper to remove the softened paint, being careful to not gouge the wood. Contact with the air and UV, or lack of it, will mean that the wood ages differently and this is why you have such a difference in appearance. Feel free to contact us at any time if you ever have any questions about the products we offer. Thanks. Step 3 Allow the stain stripper to remain on the surface of the woodwork for the time indicated on the label or in the manufacturer's directions. Also, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if you need to neutralise the stripped woodwork.”. Remember, caustic-based strippers can scorch the surface of some woods, such as old Oak and Mahogany. Susan. I also tried to sand a small section and think that would take forever! And some light sanding may be necessary. Any other information for this project would be appreciated as this will be my first project. Is there a type of paint remover you would recommend for this type of work? There’s plenty of good advice online about sanding wood to perfection, and some excellent guidance here on the Period Property website. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you but I needed to speak to our flooring expert for advice on your inquiry. I stained the rest of the nightstand with a light walnut stain and it looks great but the one drawer when stained does not cover the white specks and divots. Hi There, When using sand paper to remove paint, move up and down with the grain of the wood. The first thing to do would be to establish what has been used to make the beams black. Tip: If there’s dried paint in-between floorboards or other small cracks, use soap-and-water or solvent on a pointy-ended cotton swab—”the kind they sell for makeup,” says MacMillan—or an … Wipe the chemical and paint off the scraper with paper towels after each pass. A very small area to see how well the PeelAway 1 will work and to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Homemade Paint Removers (for latex paint, enamel or any other oil-based paint) are usually considered by most of the homeowners due to the obvious safety concerns. There are a couple of strippers that you could try. Removing wood stain becomes necessary if damage occurs to the finish or if the color no longer fits the room's design theme. But if you can find Cuprinol products over there you could try Cuprinol Stain Stripper or just spend a bit of time sanding it back to bare wood. If you wanted to strip the old wax off and take the piece back to bare wood before re-waxing, use Woodleys Wax and Polish Remover. There are also colour options in the Polyx Oil Tints range, which can give a fresh feel to the wood. Both are viable options for you it just depends on which method you prefer, its worth having a look at the products and seeing how they work and always do a test area. This is another reason for test areas. This is a gel that you apply for around 5-10 mins and then the gel and paint can be scrapped away. Congratulations! For a clear natural finish you could look at the Osmo Polyx Oil, which will protect and seal the wood. So what is the answer? We have sample sizes of our Peelaway Products which would be worth trying first. I have almost finished it but have some places that are really stubborn. I recently had the inside of my house painted. It is good for detail and crevices that can be difficult to work on. It is a paint and varnish stripper and could help with your project. Are black. The Paint Panther is designed to work in a matter of minutes, making the paint bubble up to be scraped off with a Filler Knife. What would you suggest we use to strip the paint just in case gesso is present? We have a couple of removal products that can be used to strip back the paint but I would be worried that the Black treatment that is underneath may be affected as well. It will give you a better chance of matching all the floors although if they are different woods you may not be able to match them exactly. The ‘new’ Nitromors will not work as I have tried it on my Hardwood window sills and it just goes like chewing gum – nothing like the old Nitromors – it does come off eventually but a good scraper and alot of patience are required Steps on how to eliminate oil-based paint stains: Step 1 If the stain is still dry, use a brush to soften the paint stain. We have used a paint gun to remove the paint quite easily, with some areas coming up quite sticky. I’ve tried caustic (Nitromors) and non-caustic strippers and they both have the same effect. Active ingredient: N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) Strength: A ⅛-inch coat removes up to seven layers of paint. To remove dried paint from wood, use a piece of open-coat sandpaper to sand the paint away, taking care to sand with the grain to minimize damage to the wood surface. Hi, In summary, caustic removers are: What’s the best paint stripper for wood? A small test area with the Peelaweay 7 first will give you an idea of whether it will completely remove any product from your furniture and how long you will need to leave the poultice on for. Leave the drops on the wood for about an hour, if it unmoved after that time it is probable that you have a seal such as a Varnish on there. Great tips! I am having great difficulty removing it, I’ve even tried nitro mors but it hasn’t touched it. This is a gel that you can leave on for around 5 minutes and then scrap off. What would be the best way to clean up the corners and divots? There are also some ink stains on the wood – how can these be removed? And what is the best way to finish it (planning on re-painting). Thank you for your inquiry ! Bridgit Wallace. There are a couple of products you could have a look at, the Sikkens Rubbol Satura is a good option for exterior paint and can be used with the Rubbol Primer. It will enhance the grain and natural beauty of the wood and slightly darken the wood (wiping a damp cloth over the bare wood will give you an indication of the darkening). Hi there,I would like to remove the heavy paint from the frames inside & outside .it’s a Victorian style house so I believe the paint on it is very old oil based.Can you please let me know what product I should use to take the paint off …. Active ingredient: N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) Strength: A ⅛-inch coat removes up to seven layers of paint. The alternative is the Peelaway Sample Pack. With a bit of practise and sharp scrapers, it comes off right back to the wood in a few passes. An alternative, or if you don’t have a pressure washer is to use a paint stripper like Barrettine Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. Sure, paint removal is not something that everyone enjoys. You could have a look at the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover to see if this will help. That’s actually what the original plan was. I have bought a second hand solid wood polished wardrobe that has a daub of old white paint on it, but I don’t know whether it’s gloss or emulsion. The best way to remove paint from clothing is to attack it the second you get the paint on it. Is there a good way to strip back just the emulsion; we were happy with the black finish or do we need to take it all off? Its quite a simple process as the paint is water based.

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