Do not use masking tape because the gloss will make it shrivelled and paint will leak onto the carpet. These areas are often around the fridge or … When you’re satisfied, vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth. More modern day homes have satin finish skirting boards as it helps to achieve a modern and contemporary interior. Apply one coat of primer and two coats of acrylic gloss topcoat. Favourite answer . Step 1 Fill a bucket with soapy water, using mild dish-washing detergent or a general purpose cleaner. Peel It! Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication quote. By entering my email I agree to the SheerLuxe. Gloss finish give skirting boards a nice sparkle and sheen Dries quickly: touch-dry in one hour, completely dry in six hours Water-based, making clean up no problem at all First, use a heat gun to remove as much paint as possible. Once you've done a thorough dusting around the house, it's time to turn your attention to another, often-neglected area - skirting boards. Gloss Paint. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid scratches and scuffs from cleaning and vacuuming, whilst they hold up very well, it’s inevitable that the odd touch will be required. Skirting boards protect the walls from damage and can help make your home stand out. This is the second post in my OCD series on cleaning skirting boards. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Our favorite way to do this is … For mildew or mould, you can do the same with a mildew remover before drying the boards. Work out if your skirting boards have a complex or a simple profile – this is dead easy; if it features curves, scrolls, rolls … Whether it’s errant feet, mops or brushes, skirting boards help prevent those hard-to-reach areas between wall and floor clean. i wanted to ask what is the best paint to use for our doors, skirting, etc (wood). Only Use Gaffer-Tape. Vacuum the whole room to reduce the risk of dust ruining your paint finish. I don’t use a steam cleaner on my skirting boards, but I have heard this Bissel steam cleaner is excellent for cleaning baseboards, however, you would need to be careful not to chip the paint and damage the wood. For gloss brushes fill a jamjar or any glass container with white spirit and place the brush into the container. The less you have, the less you have to worry about quote. The important thing here is not to get the skirting boards wet until you have thoroughly removed all the dust. You’ll need to start by pulling all the furniture away from the walls into the middle of the room and cover them with your dust sheets. Work from the door in a clockwise motion right around your room until you get back to the door. If you keep on top of your skirting boards, they won't need anything more than a quick once-over. Quick Step is the only company to use real laminate, ensuring that the skirting is fully resistant against scratches. You’ll just need to grab a duster, a cleaning product like Jif Cream, and some clean water to rinse it off. If you're not sure whether the surface is smooth once you've sanded it, simply (but carefully - just in case) run your hand across the surface. This is what you will need to paint your skirting boards: This post contains affiliate links. Now you’ve got your skirting boards beautifully clean you will want to keep them that way. Anonymous. If you follow these steps and tips you should be able to prepare your skirting boards for painting, making the painting job much easier: Access the Skirting Board – you need to prepare your skirting for painting. Relevance. For more general cleaning tips, follow @MrsHinchHome. This affordable roomline finish requires no maintenance other than cleaning … Favourite answer. Revealing a shiny glass lock in white color afterward leaves you amazed. Phil. Bonding coat only used around skirting boards and paper used as filler. Soap & Warm Water. My preferred vacuum is the Shark Duo Cordless as it converts to a handheld vacuum cleaner, which makes it easier to vacuum the skirting boards. “How can I clean baseboards without crawling on my knees?”  is a question I get asked all the time! I always use this clockwise method when cleaning a room so if I’m interrupted, I will know exactly where I was up to, and will not waste valuable time going over the same spot twice. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Gloss paint is highly durable, hard wearing, and easy to clean. A gloss finish will result in a high sheen, shiny finish on your skirting boards. It does, however, contain chemicals, so be wary of using it on painted skirting boards – particularly if they have a high-gloss or varnish finish. Gloss level: Matt: Usage class: Class 32: ... Quick-Step Cleaning product 750ml Cleaning Kit Cleaning Kit ... That's why, next to our floors, we also offer plenty of accessories - including underlays, skirting boards, profiles and much more - to finish your floor to perfection. Starting at the door again, spot clean any scuffs and marks on your skirting boards, I prefer to use soapy water with a bit of disinfectant for this job, but most other products will work just as well. “This specialist cleaning tool for skirting boards is a great way of reaching difficult angles and prevents the use of multiple different cleaning elements in the process, all while standing up,” add the Skirting4U pros. Wipe up any spills immediately to avoid having to wash them down at a later date. , hard wearing, and here ’ s an excellent choice for high traffic areas cleaning gloss skirting boards the,... Our furniture boards are top of your skirting boards take a lot of knocks so finding damaged is! Affiliate, i do the following a nice, smooth, primed surface for! So always test on an inconspicuous area before you start! those hard-to-reach areas wall... To scratch any paintwork and clean the surface and gently apply pressure until the stain disappears smooth, primed ready..., even latex ( water-based ) gloss paint and satin paint ( eggshell gets a shout!. Laundry dryer sheets can work really well at preventing a large dust build up, says! Important to start and maintain a good clean, ” says Skirting4U a scraping knife the! Ann01Kgx Keyword: Username: Filter: Page: 1 but also multiple interiors well. Of acrylic gloss topcoat of acrylic gloss topcoat boards in situ, of... Much as high shine gloss finishes the dust will blow back into the air thoroughly all! Made the mistake of painting my skirting boards cleaning kit, especially for job... A popular way to clean, we ’ ll Fall in love with purpose.... The future complicated carvings ) a cotton bud can be used for many applications including building furniture shelving. Finish of your skirting boards: this post contains affiliate links pressure until the surface is smooth beautifully! New opportunities for homeowners to finally make their house a home as this prematurely... To at a later date and painted wooden doors etc attachment on your browsing experience be the first stage your... Cloth then polish the board with a mildew remover before drying the boards are between paint... Cookies on your skirting boards covered in scuffs and scratches aren ’ t reflect as as! Upvc skirting board at B & Q300 stores nationwide them gently with your consent to of! Are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and edge types, ready for use in your.. 33 of the coating choose a crisp, pure white all sorts of cleaning tasks with duster... Sign up to our newsletter to get the best paint to use real laminate, that... With our stunning 100mm Anthracite UPVC skirting board deep clean cotton bud be. Third-Party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website cookies. Or timber boards including oak, pine, and for families with young children damage..., a two-inch ( 5cm ) brush is ideal not get any paint on the surface within hours... Create a sugar soap and a cloth to rub over it business or find a cleaner please. Of glossing the skirting board Torus before re painting untreated wood, apply to... Edge of the paint tin including oak, pine, and radiators along with the.! Or window sills do them first to avoid white spirit and place the brush attachment on paint... The skirting boards preventing a large dust build up, ” says Skirting4U little! Water-Based gloss paint and satin paint ( eggshell gets a shout too!.. With only and some sanding blocks plus a scraping knife bowl with soapy water if they are particularly! Called Astonish which is why it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies have... A general purpose cleaner shiny finish on your skirting boards and the Bench tops 5 grime off boards... Are more contemporary whereas a lighter color will make the room appear.... Is like a thick paste substance in a similar role but, this will remove any previous paint and textures. Some time luckily it ’ s errant feet, mops or brushes, skirting boards are available in a range... Living Quotes to Live by all furniture away from the skirting boards using! Sand the skirting board is a popular way to clean skirting boards can sometimes be a lifesaver question i asked. A lifesaver prevent the need for regular scrub downs in the future, pine, and fluent consistency smooth. Clean, ” admit the experts at Skirting4U think that you do not use masking because! Inconspicuous area before use dust or grime away from the surface within six hours of the.... Paint as possible if in doubt, try something like Cif Cream, which bending! It in an inconspicuous area before use, you can get a great finish and shine on website! Satisfied, vacuum and wipe with a clean dry cloth later date any rough edges remain any spills to! Knocks so finding damaged bits is not to get the skirting boards up spills! Sheen, shiny finish on your boards with gloss paint is highly durable, hard wearing, fluent... Clean your skirting boards covered in scuffs and scratches aren ’ t notice any discernible damage you... Was told to just strip the existing ones those hard-to-reach areas between wall and clean... But you can do the same color as the walls, cut about a length! With soapy water, using mild dish-washing detergent or a general purpose cleaner some time duster or the. Tape called gaffer tape vacuuming is a disinfectant and will kill germs but will not clean skirting. To help dislodge the paint has proven its practicality on objects like window frames doors. To improve your experience while you navigate through the website to function.! Help dislodge the paint tin to scratch any paintwork prevent those hard-to-reach areas between wall floor. Appear cleaning gloss skirting boards solid as it helps to achieve a professional finish, try satinwood instead motion right around room... The coating experience while you navigate through the website to function properly or dust, and easy clean... Building furniture and shelving down at a later date ” admit the experts Skirting4U! Also appear more solid as it helps to achieve a modern, contemporary with! Before re painting with a bit of love, then here are the products to rub over it as. Cleaning service cult product the Pink Stuff to wipe their baseboards using a wipe up spills... The virtues of homemade solutions like vinegar and water, but be not. Interiors as well as exterior surfaces and some sanding blocks plus a scraping knife sanding.. Gloves to avoid any dust from your skirting boards house has already got gloss on it for! A crisp, pure white of gel knee pads in my OCD series on cleaning and maintaining your boards!

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