As one of the most venerable dog breeds in the world, the Poodle is also among the most storied and the most popular as a pet. Jade Button. Crossing the most intelligent dog breed with the second most intelligent dog breed creates, you guessed it, a very intelligent doodle. Deb has made the process of acquiring a fur baby a true joy. Not only are the resulting puppies highly intelligent, but they mature to be extremely athletic and agile dogs. Also known as Borderdoodles, our cross involves AKC Ranked #1 Smartest Dog, the Border Collie with AKC Ranked #2 Smartest Dog, the poodle. The cheapest offer starts at $ 200. Bordoodles have a thick soft coat that can grow either curly, straight, or wavy depending on the genetic contributions of each puppy. We Love Our Bordoodles And So Will You “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. Just what a fantastic hybrid! Our Bordoodle puppies are all 1st Generation puppies. Kruizen Kennels have welcome, How gorgeous is Sadie and her new little Xmas babi. Connecting pet lovers with responsible dog breeders nationwide. * Perimeter Collies are the # 1 smart pet dogs in the globe. A Bordoodle from Bordoodles Australia is a Border Collie (female) x Miniature Poodle (male). Cavoodles are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. © Copyright 2021 Bordoodles Australia. We focus on producing first generation puppies, with the occasional litter of second generation. The Bordoodle is a hybrid breed that is produced when crossing a Border Collie with a Poodle. You can also check out upcoming litters to see when our next litter will be avalible. Although a hybrid breed can take on any combination of characteristics of one or both of the parent breeds, the Bordoodle tends to be a friendly, affectionate, and loyal family dog. It is our goal to place each puppy with a new home that has the same views we do. Sep 29, 2019 - Explore Keystone Puppies's board "Bordoodle Puppies", followed by 93912 people on Pinterest. They are loyal and friendly natured. Puppies Downunder are the preferred beeders of Bordoodle Puppies. They are funloving energetic pets, who will fit into any family home. F1 Bordoodle Female, 5 weeks St Joseph, Missouri. Bordoodle ears, as with all floppy eared breeds, need cleaning regularly or they may become infected. I am shy at first but once I am comfortable with my surrounding I am so playful you wouldn’t believe my transformation!”, “I am the sweetest most loyal girl you could ever meet and I love to follow you around the house but love nothing more than laying by your feet. They're so soft and lively! A Bordoodle is the Perfect Combination of the World’s Two Smartest Dogs, the Border Collie and the Poodle and is a great choice for people who like the attributes and intelligence of a Border Collie and want a non-shedding coat. Updated 12/3/2020- we WILL have a few open spots on out current Bernedoodle and Bordoodle Litters. Males & females available. I enjoy going on walking adventures and exploring the backyard with my doggy sister but my favourite spot is curled up amongst the cushions on the lounge watching TV!”, “I am a new addition to the Kruizen Kennels family and have fit right in. Our Bordoodle puppies are a Hybrid combination of the Border Collie and the Poodle. I’m pretty chilled, nothing much phases me. Chica’s Litter . Bordoodle puppies, 1 white male and 2 red females. Ready to home end of January 2021. Source. Puppies for Sale. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the exact size a pup will grow to, but they will be a medium to large sized dog weighing approximately 18-30kg and reaching 35-55cm in height. They are known for their athleticism, agility and cuddles, and are energetic, affectionate and playful. Half Border Collie and Half Poodle dog puppies for sale and adoption near me in United States. Poodle Puppies For Sale From the Leading Australian Dog Directory . Please discuss with partners prior to initial message. Meet the stunning Brandy t, **Name Suggestions** As Bordoodles are very intelligent dogs it is important to incorporate puppy preschool into your training routine, not only is it good for obedience but the pup’s ability to socialize will be strengthened. Dam is our long haired tri colour Border Collie. Puppies are $1,800.00 which will include the $200.00 deposit. I’m quite active, always running, playing and exploring. Bordoodle Puppies For Sale At Next Day Pets® you can find the perfect four-legged companion from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 2021 will be here before you know it and if you’re planning for a new family member, we’re going to have some amazing puppies to choose from! I really love being brushed, you can do that all day long. All Bordoodles will require some grooming and clipping, especially those with a fluffy, woolly, non-shedding coat, as it will not fall out. Bordoodles require regular exercise and moderate to large sized yard as well as regular walks/runs. Available 30 January. We’ll have Bordoodles litters with Rosa , Dicey and our newest member of the family, stunning little Patsy Cline , our blue merle Border Collie. She adores her animals and they are so happy and well treated. * Will respond with specific puppy pictures! :) Pure Bred American Staffordshire Terrier puppies for sale - Perth Western Australia. ... has anyone got any border collie puppies for sale looking for one black and white and the other brown and white around perth area or kalgoorlie ... Not desexed she has had one litter of bordoodles puppies. Bordoodle colours also vary in each litter, we are expecting chocolate. Privacy Policy. You are his life, his love, his leader. Criterion Poodles are the Second. Bordoodle Puppies for Sale Your search returned the following puppies for sale. Colors anticipated, blue merle, red and white, and black and white. Bordoodle Puppies. From our experience we have found that the first generation cross creates stability in temperament, coat, and size. We have a profound appreciation for this wonderful breed. Such a good time to comply with the puppies! Up & Coming ; Minnie & Mickey F3 Mulit-Gene Mini Bordoodle Puppies!!! Taking applications for 2021 Tris $3500 Non tri color $3000 They make excellent family dogs. Description. Our kennel is located on a farming property in the beautiful southern tablelands of NSW, Australia. A colloboration between Zandelion and The Other Dimension. Cavoodle. Our puppies for sale in Mount Lawley, Perth WA include low allergy puppies, hypoallergenic pups, rare breeds, non-shedding puppies, poodle puppies and poodle cross puppies, and much much more. The Bordoodle is a reasonably active breed so do require regular exercise. Dogs with a more predominantly poodle type coat also need regular brushing to prevent knotting. Puppies & Dogs for sale. Buy, sell & adopt a dog, puppy, kitten & cat on PetsForHomes Australia. Our puppies have found homes all across Australia, in New Zealand and also Asia. Since this breed has one of the sharpest minds than other breeds, Border Collie has broken numerous athletic records. All puppies come with pedigree papers, are microchipped, vaccinated, vet health checked a. Next Day Pets® employs stringent verification checkpoints to ensure our puppy listings are safe and secure. Current Bordoodle puppies for sale. Explore 3 listings for Border collie puppies for sale Western Australia at best prices. We provide families and Individuals with happy and healthy Bordoodle puppies from our home to yours worldwide in a professional and ethical manner. I am very strong and manly but I have a soft side. I am far from the typical Border Collie, I am happy to run around and play but really I just want to chill out with my humans…”, “I look quite elegant and feminine but looks can be deceiving. “I just love everybody! This gorgeous dog combines the intelligent farm breed with a poodle to create a more family friendly pet. The breed Bordoodles were designed so that families who did not live on a property would have the opportunity to own a dog from the Border Collie line. You can browse thru list of Bordoodle Breeders or consider adopting Bordoodle dog. We’re the longest-established breeders of Bordoodles in Australia, with 15 years’ experience with these great dogs. Please, change your search criteria and try again. Bordoodle puppies male and female . Bordoodles have a thick soft coat that can grow either curly, straight, or wavy depending on the genetic contributions of each puppy. Featured. F1 / Border Collie + Poodle= F1 Bordoodle (50% Poodle / 50% Border Collie) F1b / Bordoodle + Poodle= F1b Bordoodle (75% Poodle / 25% Border Collie) We are located 1 hour north of Dallas Texas Puppies are $3500 Fill out a Puppy Application to get more info on our puppies The parents are fully health tested and certified with OFA, CERF and DNA. Adorable Bordoodle puppies, all wavy coats. They are a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle. I am very obedient when I am one on one with my human but am still a puppy at heart and absolutely love to play”, Quality breeders of purebred and designer dogs. They are low allergenic and great for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. See dog breeds similar to Bordoodle. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. They are typically used for herding livestock, mainly sheep. Born – August 16, 2020 – All are with Their New Families – ^ Chica and her 2 day old pups ^ 2 Boys and 2 Girls —————————————————-Below are all 4 Pups- 2 Days Old Bordoodles Australia specialises in breeding Border Collie x Miniature Poodle puppies. The Bordoodle is a fun-loving family pet that is excellent with children and other pets. Black or Cream puppies. F1b Bernedoodles- Go home date Dec 12, 2020- All pups reserved. Please keep in mind, as always, Mother Nature is in control and we cannot guarantee our mothers will have puppies. Adorable King Charles Cavalier Puppies for sale Free delivery to Sydney We have 3 purebred King Charles Cavalier puppies for sale 2 x Blenheim males & 1 Blenheim female. I have male and female Bordoodle, a Half border collie half standard poodle puppies available for rehoming. Search + More Filter Options. Australian Bordoodle/Borderdoodle Puppies Traditional Solid and Rare Colouring Designed for Health, Intelligence, Structure and Temperament . I am super smart and mum has taught me loads of tricks!”, “I am a real old soul, I am calm and gentle and love to snuggle up on the couch with my humans! We have 2 gorgeous blenh, We have 2 gorgeous blenheim Cavoodle puppes curren, We have stunning female F1B Standard Groodle puppy, **Edit: Family Found** The benefits associated with first generation Bordoodles, include a more diverse genetic makeup than purebreds reducing possibilities of disease and other genetic conditions that affect the parent breeds. This breed are fantastic with children as well as other animals. More About Border Collie Breed. Give me a cuddle and I am yours forever. Sire is Hip & Elbow Scored. – Bordoodle – the Perfect Family Dog. Cavoodle Puppies For Sale . We will add new litters as they become available. I absolutely love a head scratch and chin rub and if you dont give be attention I will rub my head against your leg until you give me a hug!”, “I am quite a lively pupper when you let me loose, I love to run and play with my fur friends but put me on a lead and I walk like a show dog! $2,500. My favourite time of day is dawn when I jump on the bed and have my morning cuddles with my hoomans, it’s the best!”, “I am the most gentle dog, so friendly I will give anyone a big cuddle! Minnie and Mickey have been bred, with puppies expected delivery January 27th 2021, going home late March. Labradoodle. We’re the longest-established breeders of Bordoodles in Australia, with 15 years’ experience with these great dogs. Border Collie is one of the most enthusiastic, intelligent, and energetic dog breeds. After you complete your application you'll be able to place a $500 deposit. Thank you for taking the time to look at our Bordoodle puppies for sale. Poodles are most well known for their hypoallergenic coats, intelligence and fancy hair-dos . Molly (8) the Pug helping Mom work from home during COVID . Around the eyes, should also be cleaned daily to prevent buildup eye discharge and tear staining. Bordoodle Puppies for Sale. Ebony. They’re great with other dogs and pets and of course fantastic with kids. Borderdoodle (Border collie x Poodle hybrid) also known as a Bordoodle are becoming more popular in Australia. All families will get to choose their puppy in the order deposits are received. See more ideas about bordoodle, puppies, puppies for sale. French bulldogs with ANKC registered. Our pups have fantastic temperaments and are perfect family pets. Both parents have amazing temparements and are great with children. Enter your email address: $ 300 . Minnie litter size unknown, anticipate between 7-11.Minnie's babies expected size range from 25-45 lbs. AAPDB Membership: 16854, Oodles of Cavoodles Sorry, there are no Bordoodle puppies for sale at this time. Generally, the coat types are classified as fleece or wool, the fleece coat is a mix between the retriever and poodle coat, it is low to non-shedding whereas, the wool coat is tight and curly like the poodle and non-shedding. The Bordoodle is a designer dog breed. Groodle. When you purchase a puppy from us; they are vaccinated, vet checked micro … The first step in our Bordoodle puppy adoption process is to complete our Puppy Adoption Application.We ask that you provide detailed answers whenever possible. Recently got a mini and couldn't be happier, she is so cute and has such a … Sire is our Australian Champion white Standard Poodle. Bordoodle Edmonton, Kentucky, United States . To get things moving forward in adopting one of our Bordoodle Puppies would be to fill out Puppy Adoption Application. Stories from our puppies new families... Lucy Chesterton. Bordoodle Puppies! Rocco is the most beautiful dog and we couldn’t love him anymore than we do already. Our puppies have found homes all across Australia, in New Zealand and also Asia. Border collies are loyal, very easy to train, and really are a mans best friend. Aussiedoodle/Bordoodle Puppies (Borpoo, Borderdoodle, Borderpoo, Border Poodle) Border Collies and Aussie Shepherds rank number #1 as the smartest dog breed. ... Puppies for Sale. Cavoodles must be one of the most popular designer breeds, and for good reason. This cross between these two exquisite breeds makes for an ideal pet. Home / Dog Breeds / Puppies For Sale / Bordoodle Puppies / Puppies For Sale + Signature Puppy. All our puppies have beautiful temperaments and will make loyal and loving pets. The Bordoodle is an affectionate, loyal and intelligent companion, the perfect addition to any family. All our border collie puppies have medium to long coats. Bordoodle~ Puppies for sale in Newberg, Oregon Share it or review it. 11/01/2021. All rights reserved. Rockingham, WA. The amount of grooming required is dependent on the type of coat each individual pup has. Doodle Puppy looks at each Bordoodle puppy as a family member. Generally, the coat types are classified as fleece or wool, the fleece coat is a mix between the retriever and poodle coat, it is low to non-shedding whereas, the wool coat is tight and curly like the poodle and non-shedding. Both parents are DNA Health profiled clear. The BORDOODLE--The "Smartest Doodle in the World." Bordoodles are also hypoallergenic, that is, unlikely to cause allergy in humans. An immense variability can occur amongst puppies of the same breed and even the same litter, this is influenced by the genetic make-up of each pup with some pups appearing more Poodle-like and others more Collie. Bordoodles thrive on human companionship, your puppy will want to spend every waking minute by your side, whether it’s watching you cook dinner or a trip to the park.

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