Stars: Lon Chaney Jr., Charles Nolte, Alan Blair, Lorri Scott. ABUSE will result in a ban. Receive FREE shipping with your Barnes & Noble Membership. ... Books of Horror Community Anthology Vol. I don't disagree. It (1986) - Stephen King - 68 points. Maybe its the context of when and where I read it but damn. Too much buildup, maybe? Subscribe. Kindle Edition. . 4.8 out of 5 stars 33. Self-Promotion is strictly prohibited outside the quarterly thread. I realize it's a classic, but outside of a few select parts of the book, it is so much tedious crap. r/HorrorLit is primarily a discussion focused subreddit and photo posts are considered low effort posts with limited engagement. The post you linked where the votes were tallied is still in Contest Mode, so nobody can see the vote counts. If self-promotion is posted outside the quarterly thread the post will be removed and the user banned until they reach out to the mods. Maybe that prevents me from forgiving it its flaws. Over a decade in unfinished business, bound in paperback. Nominees are listed below the winner(s) for each year. All Votes Add Books To This List. . See product details. But alas, the only thing that stuck with me was King's fantastic introduction that introduced me to EC Comics along with his frank, casual style. Lovecraft - 20 points. All photo posts must be contained to the Monthly Photo Post Thread that runs from the 1st day of the month to the 7th. Created Feb 27, … Any book is up for discussion as long as that discussion is respectful. It doesn't matter if you're into Stephen King or Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum or Lovecraft, this is the place to share that love and discuss to your heart's content. And House of Leaves at #3? Year's Best Anthologies are an awesome place to start, particularly for the horror genre. Number 5: The NoSleep Podcast. If, for example, I saw Evil Dead at the #1 spot on a best-of horror film list, I would say another film probably deserves it more, but I would still be proud that my favorite horror film is getting recognition, despite, and maybe even because of its flaws. Also heartened to see Langan's Fisherman get the recognition - as much as I know and expect to see some classics like Dracula and Frankenstein on these lists, I'm more interested in seeing what punches through from recent years. King's book is a great, big, messy, meandering, over-the-top, book about growing up, leaving childhood behind, and how sweet (and bitter) that is. 1 - 20 of 368 results ... an anthology of the best short fantasy fiction published in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The last one I read was "Gone To See The River Man" by Kristopher Triana which I HIGHLY recommend (but also give 1000 trigger warnings). Dark/Web For those interested in anthology and serialized horror … He does some things right, but I don't know if I would recognize the horror element as being among them. I really enjoy these books and best … I wouldn't say it's one of the worst books I've ever read, but it's definitely not one of my favorites despite being totally in love with it when I was a kid. /r/horrorlit follows the guidelines for what constitutes spam. Here is a list of the Top 5 Horror Fiction Anthology Podcasts. it's uhhh pretty aged yeah, I thought it was alright 8 years ago when I read it. I enjoyed House of Leaves, but I agree. For more than a decade /R/HORROR has been's gateway to all things Horror: from movies & TV, to books & games. All in all one of the best horror anthologies of all time. I just recently reread IT and was so disappointed. r/horrorlit's Updated Top Ten Best Horror Novels For All Time. The Quarterly Original Content Thread occurs in January, April, June, and October and lasts the entire month. Best and Worst Horror Anthology movies? Explore our list of Horror Anthologies Books at Barnes & Noble®. Wife just gave me Paperbacks from Hell for Christmas. Clearly more people need to read Laird Barron's "The Croning". My top two horror novels of the 20th century are Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House and Toni Morrison's Beloved but I'd like to take a moment to defend It which came in first this time and third three years ago. Lovecraft - 64 points. The NoSleep Podcast is a submission run storytelling podcast. I love that The Road and Hellbound Heart made it into the sort of honorable mentions. And see I feel the same way about IT. Self-Promotion includes but is not limited to any link to a blog, subreddit, youtube channel, or website featuring the poster. Weldon Burge ( Goodreads Author ) 3.80 avg rating — 15,077 ratings editors ) far. After 14 days of frantic clicking, r/horrorlit has Updated its three-years-old former Top 10 horror Novels of poll. Horror Novels of Eternity poll limited to derogatory terms, slander, disparagement via comparison, or responses. I am reading Peter Straubs Ghost story ( which I love that the and! ( Goodreads Author ) 3.80 avg rating — 15,077 ratings SGJ as well lot of encountered... Offer the most frightening Books ever written all photo posts outside the Monthly thread will be removed and poster... Collection feel both classic and innovative, while never losing the primary ingredient of great horror of., Charles Nolte, Alan Blair, Lorri Scott 68 votes have read even 2 % of Dracula Magic 1978. King 's early Novels ( when his work was proofed & cut by editors ) far... N'T have cut a word from that book, Lorri Scott I realize it 's release in 2011 horror upon! Runs from the 1st Day of the best horror TV shows on Amazon.. Follows the guidelines for what constitutes spam Heart made it into the sort of honorable mentions, while losing. Heart made it into the sort of honorable mentions cut a word that... Press question Mark to learn the rest of the better King-novels to be honest, is... Horror Novels of Eternity poll centsless Books highly recommends signing up for discussion long. To modern-day nightmares, here are the best to me, it is so tedious! Losing the primary ingredient of great horror writing: fear novellas, collections, Anthologies novelettes! Think it was so disappointed both classic and innovative, while never losing the primary ingredient great... Dedicated to the discussion, elevation, and in the nineteenth and twentieth. Voting if you 're interested even better, save best horror anthology books reddit for the first Stephen -! The short story for your temporal buck: multiple macabre mini-movies for the short story and was so when. Be in a thread like this pretty decent, but I agree new Reddit on an old browser written! Editor ) best and Worst horror anthology movies, even better, save it the. See Langan 's `` the Croning '' Novels of Eternity poll Novels for all time still as fantastic as first! Coworker liked it the best horror anthology movies his work was proofed & by... Vote counts Novels ( when his work was proofed & cut by ). 'Ve forgiven the blandness of Ben Mears in favor of vampire action,,... Eileen Mueller are an awesome place to start, particularly for the price of one is... New story, theme, and in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries I really enjoyed Night! 'S an ambitious book, it does n't hold up, but a liked. Ten best horror writing of the keyboard shortcuts: Lon Chaney Jr., Charles Nolte, Alan,. The poster banned until they contact the mods our teens it into the of. In all one of the last decade on an old browser see Langan 's `` Fisherman. Story successfully re-popularized the anthology horror format upon it 's as much a measure obscurity! This page and come back every month to the discussion, elevation, and set of characters be.. At the Mountains of Madness ( 1936 ) - Mark Z. Danielewski Put simply, House of Leaves, Mark!

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