Water well. Daphne Perfume Princess Bushy Evergreen Fragrant Flowering Outdoor Garden Shrub (20-30cm (Incl. Get involved. So when it comes to being the king of all fragrant Daphne's there is one that is considered to take the crown. What fragrant plants do you have in your garden? A single sprig in a vase emits a perfume that belies its size. He is a self-professed Plant Geek, and was listed in the Sunday Times top 20 most influential people in the gardening world, thanks to his plant hunter role at Thompson & Morgan. where can I purchase or order a Perfume Princess Daphne. Arguably the best Daphne yet, it’s both earlier and longer flowering than other varieties and the blossom makes this Daphne extra special. in stock (shipped within 7 working days) ... in stock (shipped within 7 working days) Daphne × transatlantica Pink Fragrance ('Blapink') (PBR) 1.5 litre pot. Daphne Perfume Princess is a brand new variety that is taking the gardening world by storm, and will quite possibly over take all other Daphne varieties as the most fragrant on the planet. Hardy Daphne 'Perfume Princess' shrub 2L pot This fantastic new Daphne originated from a private breeder in New Zealand and has won a 'Plant of the Year' award in Australia but is perfectly suited for British gardens too! Large flowers, great perfume and easy care, Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ is a new release hybrid, better suited to sunny positions than most other varieties. But how do pollinators smell these fragrances when they don’t have noses? Slow growing and compact, it thrives in a wide range of conditions and is even happy in full sun - making it ideal for novice gardeners and the more experienced alike. Large, fragrant flowers open from dark pink buds into large clusters growing up to 5cm across- as much as four times the size of a regular Daphne - a 3-year-old plant can have as many as 10 clusters along each stem. £29.99. Unsurprisingly it is a hybrid of two of the best selected species already mentioned and that is Daphne x Perfume Princess, the result of a hybrid between Daphne odora and Daphne Bholua. The profusion of very large flower clusters with deep pink buds open in progression to blush pink, highly fragrant blooms with soft citrus undertones and age to … Unlike many other daphne varieties, Perfume Princess is happy in full sun or part-shade. Give Daphne a sniff and see how you feel afterwards! Read customer reviews. Daphne Perfume Princess™ is a unique and enchanting daphne that should be on everyone’s list of ‘must have’ daphnes. Aside from the size of its blooms, the mesmerising fragrance ‘Perfume Princess’ produces really sets this plant apart - it's undoubtedly the sweetest, most divinely scented of all Daphnes. Registered Company Address: Eventus House, Sunderland Road, Market Deeping, Peterborough, PE6 8FD. Daphne 'Jim's Pride' This variety can be hard to come by, but is worth listing. Ideal spot: Perfume Princess likes a frost-free spot with good drainage. Daphne Perfume Princess™ is the result of a hybrid between Daphne odora and Daphne Bhoula, combining the strong growth from one with the delectable fragrance from the other. Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’ RHS AGM – an upright growing evergreen shrub with pink and white very fragrant flowers; Daphne x transatlantica ‘Pink Fragrance’ – a compact, semi-evergreen shrub with richly scented, pale-pink blooms.As the flowers are produced on new growth, it keeps flowering from spring through to late autumn See more ideas about pink blossom, daphne, perfume. Unlike many other daphne varieties, Perfume Princess is happy in full sun or part-shade.It is happiest in slightly acidic soil but will tolerate most soils. Perfume Princess has large, very long-lasting and super-fragrant blooms - the blooms are the largest of any Daphne - giving you much more value for money. This is just the right time of year to experience the scents of the Daphne, a gardener’s favourite for fragrance! This fantastic new Daphne originated from a private breeder in New Zealand and has just won the 'Plant of the Year' award in Australia but is perfectly suited for British gardens too! Characteristics: Drought Tolerant Plants, Fragrant Flowers, Shrubs and Conifers, Woody Perennials, --- Buy daphne Daphne Perfume Princess (PBR) - Large, highly scented flowers: 9cm pot: £19.99 Delivery by Crocus We use cookies to provide you with a better service and experience. Who needs perfume when the many fragrances of spring are wafting through our gardens? Garden centres, Kings Plant Barn, Bunnings and Mitre 10 will most likely have Daphne odora and Daphne 'Perfume Princess'. Grafted plants should be planted with the join a couple of centimetres below the soil level. Dig a hole twice the width of the rootball. Some flowers produce scent from their petals, while others may have dedicated glands for scent production. Evergreen - elliptic to lance-shaped, leathery, dark green leaves to 10cm (4in) longWhite - tinged pink at centre Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Daphnes hate wet feet. Wherever you grow it, make sure that it’s in a place where you can fully enjoy the perfumed fragrance that will fill the air when the plant is in bloom. The flowers appear in clusters along the entirety of all stems - they are also colour changing, starting mid-pink and fading to white. The earliest and longest flowering Daphne ever bred, Perfume Princess™ will be able to enjoy its large, soft pink flowers from mid-winter to late spring, and dark green foliage all year round. Place the plant into the hole, back-filling so that it is at the same depth as was in the pot. Hardiness zone 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a. Daphne Perfume Princess™ has a citrus undertone, so it adds that extra bit of interest to differentiate it from other varieties. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies. But did you know that different flower scents are designed to attract different pollinators? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! WAIRERE NURSERY. As I mentioned earlier, Daphne is a gardener’s favourite for adding scent to a garden!

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