‘So I’ve been told that you can still notice my English accent,’ Eve has noted in one of her videos. Retrieval Practice, Spacing, Interleaving, and Imagery might not ring a bell for you, but combining these terms makes it possible for your brain to memorize subjects faster and longer. 2. You can use your exam board specifications as the foundation for your revision. Sometimes these vlogs are even in German, a great way to procrastinate in the name of enhancing your listening skills! In my opinion, this comes from the lack of this sort of ‘s’ in English. And we have pulled their learnings together in our accelerated revision and homework system. I took note of how her moving process differs from mine, and wanted to explore these in more depth. We therefore don’t have an issue with pronouncing this sound, as our soft-sounding ‘sz’ is the one that is equivalent to the English ‘s’. This is when I became interested in her story. Eve Bennett is taking a hard-earned break. You've got a choice when it comes down to revising. Before you start, make sure that you know the topics that you need to learn. While Eve can perfectly pronounce most of them, aforementioned cuteness arises from the ‘r’ sound pronounced like an urge to swallow it, moving the sides of the tongue in an upward curl. If you are Hungarian like me, you already have a voiced, German-sounding ‘s’ in your alphabet. If you’re determined to get as many top grades as possible when you open your GCSE results, you may be searching for better ways to revise for your exams to make sure you get there.Nothing beats hard-work, especially when it comes to studying, but there are ways you can guide your brain to remember information easier which supports your ability to learn. What inspired you to connect your revision and YouTube? Don't push yourself over the limits. Scary, especially compared to the undergrad prospectus claiming that your accommodation is guaranteed (basically years in advance) at Oxbridge. Rather, I am trying to demonstrate that even if English is a West Germanic language, Hungarian as a Finno-Ugric one has been in more contact with German over the past centuries, thus enabling it to implement German letters and sounds into its writing and speech. During the course of her social media career, she came up with two more YouTube channels, ‘Extra Eve’ and ‘Revision with Eve’, that have gained her 52,496 and 93,767 subscribers respectively. Announcements GCSE, A-level and BTEC exams cancelled following new nationwide lockdown and school closures. We cover below where you can find past exams. Tags # Freshers# New student# Open Day# Preparing for university# Student writer#University life. She is a student and helps other students how to pass the exam and revision of the subject. I find the candidness of these vlogs reassuring to viewers, as Ruby Granger and Unjaded Jade spoke honestly about the disappointment they felt of not getting into Oxford university. Once settled in, Eve did the “cheeky apartment tour” required of every YouTuber who moves house. So, there you have it, our best adivce on how to prepare for your exam days. The best tip out of all is to use past papers. UnJaded Jade – The Revision Technique No One Tells You: How to EASILY Remember Anything! They might have some good deals for your revision books. Eve is currently a student at Oxford University (yes, she’s super smart) and her channel offers us a glimpse of her life at the school. Watch the Q&A show with Ibz Mo & Eve Bennett about exam stress, study motivation & dealing with procrastinating to see how other students deal with revision. The new GCSEs in England have a 9 to 1 grading scale instead of the previous A* to G "to better differentiate between the highest performing students and distinguish clearly between the old and new qualifications" - at least, that's what the Department for Education states. poppythinks Informer ... debate and discussion is fine, eve isn't doing that. Definitely check out the links below to see how you could learn more efficiently and pick what works for you: Tip: Definitely check out this collection from Target Careers for an extended overview of the best GCSE & A-Level revision websites, apps, revision guides and videos to help you with your revision. Eve bennett has tsr Watch. Eve Bennett, YouTuber, Oxford Student, and Linguist. Otherwise, you might overload your brain with the risk of not remembering and recalling the information. YouTuber Eve Bennett knows how you feel. More articles in this category: By working with leading researchers in the neuroscience field, our evidence-informed platform allows you to learn 2x faster than your friends. Read Free Aqa Gcse Chemistry Revision HOW TO REVISE: SCIENCE! It might not be the easiest period of school, nor the most exciting one, but now you know all the best tools and tips to help you prepare and get you through it. What is the difference between the new (9 to 1) GCSE grades and the old (A* to G) GCSE grades? Maybe we should start one of our own. for GCSE & A Level 2018. gcse economics revision guide, but end up in malicious downloads. It will provide a good indication of your current level and is simply excellent practice. Again, this is not a fault, rather an ability or habit. Good for you, Eve! (But to get the room Emma Thompson lived in during her student years – that can only be offered in Cambridge…), Sharing such personal matters online is divisive. Some of the websites where you can find books are in alphabetical order below. She also collaborated with other popular YouTube stars like Beckii Whiting which earned her … Like Grace was, Eve is a student at Oxford University. GCSE revision books can be quite expensive, and thus we recommend checking multiple websites for the best prices. UK. I view Eve’s move as entertainment and like to switch off with her videos or similar ones. By contrast, Germans voice one type of the ‘r’ sound coming from the throat (although a soft ‘r’ exists as well). Create A Revision Timetable. When practicing always keep track of the time and see whether you finish on time. My accommodation is guaranteed by college, hers… not so much. Keep your brain active Then there was Eve – flying off into the distance rather easily. AD | Now we are all getting back into the swing of things after Christmas, @quizlet is the perfect revision tool to get going with your work! Indeed you can, but as others have said, it’s cute. Meanwhile, I myself am writing this from self-isolation – Corona-Krise Round 2…, Szilvi’s view from self-isolation in Cambridge. Split your revision into small chunks and try not to exhaust your brain. Cambridge, 1963 Jóhann Jóhannsson • The Theory of Everything (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:41 0:30. Or you can choose engaging tools that will let you study more effective and memorise the subjects longer. Going over past papers is a great way to revise for your exams as shown by the below BBC Bitesize video. | GCSE, A Level, General Tips and Tricks! The place where countless students will desperately scramble, wondering how to smash that Oxbridge interview, or get those sweet sweet A*s. The place where 8 hour 'study with me' videos are… Spanish GCSE Vocab: Current and Future Jobs (H) … 10 Terms. 603 posts Page 4 of 25. ✨ WRAP AND CHAT WITH ME! Spanish GCSE. No student revises the same and therefore each timetable is scheduled differently. For the official specification you should have a look at the exam board specific websites listed below: We haven't come across a lot of great revision forums, so we couldn't really make the ultimate forum list. Alternatives: Here’s a handy listicle on alternative revision styles by Whatuni. Use practice exams Step 6 - Stay Flexible. More about when you should start revising for GCSEs or A-Levels here. Some of her famous videos are “WAS I REJECTED FROM OXFORD”, HOW TO GET AN A* IN SCIENCE – Top Grade tips, HOW TO REVISE: MATHS! You can either dive into your textbook and start passively reading away while you check your phone every five minutes. More articles in this category: So start revising early. We asked the revision and study guru how she’s feeling about starting university this year. On Seneca, we indicate how fresh your memory is on a particular topic so you can get a feel for how much time you should spend on it, and when you should revise that topic again. Eve Bennett. Probably not. She is 19 and originally from the West Midlands. I guess being called Eve instantly makes you super smart and productive because Eve Bennett is another great YouTuber to watch if you are looking for some motivation this fall. von Eve Bennett vor 3 Jahren 13 Minuten, 27 Sekunden 361.999 Aufrufe Welcome to my first back to school video for 2017! As of writing this article, Eve has uploaded two videos filmed in German and I have noticed some peculiarities in her speech. P.S. I started a new channel dedicated to student life and revision which now has over 200,000 subscribers, which is still mind-blowing to me even after 5 years on the platform. She started her YouTube channel Eve Bennett from 26 August 2016. Germans pronounce words such as ‘natürlich’ and ‘ich’ with a soft ‘h’ sound. 584 songs. Make use of flashcards, mind maps and post-it notes. Anyways, I'm currently on my Easter break and apart from Easter Sunday i have done 5-9 hours a day revision (that 9 hour day KILLED me so I doubt I shall ever do that again) They are also found in Hungarian, but not in English. Sort. Do you want a single-sex WG with students only? UnJaded Jade – New Revision Technique (that actually works!) Eve is completing her year abroad in Berlin. In her case, finding a WG (short for Wohngemeinschaft: a shared living space) happened through an app, on which you need to advertise yourself to receive an offer (or even an interview) not far in advance of your move-in date. Students flock to watch revision gurus Unjaded Jade, Eve Bennett and Luke Birch Sian Griffiths , Katie Weston and Enzo Harrison Sunday April 15 2018, 12.01am , The Sunday Times 4. Read more about when you should take a break here. Eve Bennett is a British famed star who has gained huge fame for her 2 YouTube channel, named “Eve Bennett” and “Revision With Eve”. In other cases, you might have to stay in an Airbnb whilst on a hunt for a flat because the market is just that competitive. Jump to page: ... as for eve, I do find some of her revision videos helpful but she annoys me. Eve Bennett . Restrictions were in place, but she was able to bring her mum along without the stress of having to quarantine for fourteen days. luckily several neuroscientists have. Spanish GCSE Vocab: School/College and Future Plans (H) 17 Terms. The German alphabet has letters like ‘ü’ and ‘ö’, as in ‘hübsch’ or ‘Wörter’. They are always discovering more about how we learn. This is not a classification of Eve’s skills, simply an account of her pronunciation judged by some clips. All on your own. That's exactly why we build Seneca; to make you revise and learn 2x faster. Eve Bennett is an 18 year old student from the West Midlands who is currently attending University. I watched her revision/study tips video and tbh I really enjoyed it, she seemed so likeable and smart - am I missing something? Eve Bennett (born: January 11, 2000. It basically sounds as if she doesn’t differentiate between words with a ‘ch’ and ‘sch’ (like ‘Geschäft). That said, renting privately gives you the freedom of choice. In June 2015. Eve Bennett is a revision YouTuber with over 210k subscribers. It will not only give you an indication of your current level, but will also make you familiar with the type of questions, the exam style, and the time constraint. German speakers are said to talk aggressively, which may be because of the frequency of consonants. Well, we found this great video from Primrose Kitten to explain it to you. eve_mary4. When using Seneca then select the right Exam Board when adding your courses. 2. My name is Eve and I'm 16 in Year 11. To help you meet all homework and coursework deadlines it is great to have a detailed study planner. Read more about when you should take a break here, GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition Revision, GCSE Past Papers & Mark Schemes from the Council for the, GCSE exam past papers for GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics, and GCSE Science from. I'm super new to this whole TSR thing so i just wanted to say hello! Live updates here >> Applying to uni? Have you ever thought about using Cognitive Sciences to learn in the most effective way possible? Balance revision and leisure It’s ok if you find things slow going to begin with or you can’t get into a good working rhythm. Your teacher might have some old papers, or take a look at the online resources available. | Tips ALL Students NEED to know for GCSEs 2017 and 2018! She is a student reading German and Spanish at the University of Oxford, one in a wave of new StudyTubers: vloggers who share “bomb” revision techniques you won't follow and productive 5AM morning routine you won't recreate. Tip: We just came across Chegg, a platform that is helping broke students one study book at a time. 5. While her older videos from her younger years are more geared toward revision and achieving the ideal studying routine (we highly suggest watching her HOW TO PLAN YOUR REVISION OVER THE EASTER HOLIDAYS! Rowing Jóhann Jóhannsson • The Theory of Everything (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1:42 0:30. I found her videos very useful when I was first trying to find a way to revise that suited me. However, Eve routinely says these words as ‘natürliSH’ and ‘iSH’. I am not implying that Hungarians speaking German have better pronunciation. What is good for us, however, is that she documents the highs and lows of her new life on her YouTube channel. Personally, I would never upload my towels onto the Internet, but some enjoy it when others air their dirty laundry online, literally or figuratively. To help you meet all homework and coursework deadlines it is great to have a detailed study planner. Spanish GCSE. How to Get an A*/9 in English Literature | GCSE and A Level *NEW SPEC* Tips and Tricks for 2018! Personal idiosyncrasies aside, an accent is established by a group of people pronouncing words with common features. Her videos in German are a different story though, and I find them more illuminating than binging Friends for a fifth time…. Take a motivated student studying at the ‘Other Place’ and vlogging her life at uni – add a dash of chattiness and a sprinkle of pizzazz and there you have Eve Bennett! ( 2000-01-11) [age 20]) is an English YouTuber who is well-known for her beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and revision help videos . Her linguistic features do not hinder the understanding of what she says. Besides using our free online courses there are other ways to trigger the brain. There's only so much you can do on a day. Many of her videos contain study and exam tips. Want to try our 150+ KS3, GCSE & A-Level courses out? Your brain memorizes faster when you study in interactive ways. Read the answer here. Talking about her career as a YouTuber.

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