I got it! Hey Marshall And Chase so Ryder told me that you like Skye. Rocky put these 2 balloons where Chase will be sitting, Everest: we will be at the lookout in a minute, Skye: okay this was the best snow evening ever. Bye*runs outside*. Skye is a smart Cockapoo who loves to fly in her helicopter or with the wings in her pup pack. Skye :*walks through Katie's salon doors (hey Katie), Ryder:Chase catch the ball *throws the ball*, Chase: *under his breath * I wish Skye was here ,*only rocky heard him*, Ryder: what's wro *his sentence was cut short by Rocky, Rocky : *whispers* i think Chase has a crush on Skye , He was acting a little weird earlier today. Skye:*then tackles him to the ground,pinning him to the ground *, Both: see all the other pups and Ryder And Katie watching, Chase: that's okay Skye,Itss from you *smiles at Skye*, Skye : I'll always love you *lets him up*nuzzles him*, Episode ends with Chase and Skye With their badges in a heart *nuzzling each other*, Click here for sequel Koho and Everest Second best Couple in Adventure Bay, Click here for my second Story Paw patrol secret Santa. Skye is the first female member of the PAW Patrol, and her main color is pink.Her job is usually based on flying and lookout, and she rides a helicopter. Hi! And the oldest pup. Marshall: hey what is wrong is wrong with Chase? Skye: Well, does that show you? Rubble : i need some pup treats and some ..uhhh..Spaghetti with 2 meatballs. Porter: hey rubble what can I get you ? There names are Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Everest, Tracker, Tuck, Ella, and Rex. A. Chickaletta couldn’t be bothered. Your girlfriend *she said mockingly *, Everest : okay okay I need to pick her up bye, Rocky : hah the table is perfect and they have a view of the sunset, Zuma: yes it really is *walks over to the cliff* hey there is Wally, Rocky and Zuma: hey rubble you finally Brought the food. He says back. Chase: skye there something I need to tell you. I mean could Zuma of been, right? Marshall : well there is no need because you deserve Skye she is hardworking and so are you ! Chase : that's o~wait what?? Show me. A and 1 won so it took me a while to write but I hope this was cool, ... www.fanfiction.net. Skye: we were playing Tag and i popped out infront Of Chase ,he stumbled into me then we rolled into the Lookout . Zuma : you got it Wyder .Let's dive in . Chase has a crush on Skye. Bettina! Marshall: Wow Chase you really thought this through ! Required Cookies & Technologies. Why? Chase:i kind of ask skye on a dance party festival,and kind need your help. (Marshall Version), Koho and Everest Second best Couple in Adventure Bay, https://paw-patrol-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Chase_and_Skye_the_best_couple_of_adventure_bay?oldid=478548. Chase: * blushes * alright Everest said that Ryder Told her to bring Skye back by 5:00 pm. . *Skye looked up and saw a mistletoe*, Chase: We don't have to kiss! Chase: with the help of Rubble *points to Rubble*, Skye: they are my favorite ones from the florist, Chase : i did it with the help of Marshall*points to Marshall*, Chase:well it isntt finished yet c'mon *runs to the back of the lookout*. Part of her stable collapsed and she got scared then ran away into my fields. (then Chase kiss Skye under the mistletoe and live hapily ever after and have kids Lani and Ace). Skye : huh?..oh..yip yip ,letss take to the sky . Like any good kids show, the characters make mistakes and Chase is no exception. Ryder : Chase wants to freshen up and Skye cannot see him there, Ryder then explains the whole thing to her. PG-13: drug and alcohol content, sexuality, violence, language and reckless behavior and all involving teens and teen partying CastGage Munroe as Markus Michael "Marshall" Munroe, Dalmatian, Firefighter/EMT-pup, second-in-command co-leader of the PAW Patrol and Chase's best-friend & adoptive-older-brother. Her grace and her excellent memorization skills helps her do well at Pup Pup Boogie, she tells Chase she has a trick of saying the Pup Pup Boogie moves out loud. *running around inside*, Chase : thanks guys okay where are the flowers, Rubble : don't forget about the heart shaped cookie with you and Skye's badge, Marshall : you got this buddy *pats Chase's back*, all: we have faith in you look here she comes, Everest: we have a surprise for you inside *chuckles* woohoo! Developers. So here it is. Fearing the worst of Marshall's faith, the whole gang reflects on a time where they almost indeed lost him. Okay i'll need Rocky ,you need to repair Bettina's pen , Ryder: Chase,i'll need you to use your sniffing skills to find Bettina. Zuma: I don't know dude but I'm going pretend that never happened. Mr. Porter: sure . I had a crush on her since the day I met her ! Contact. Katie *over phone * :hey Ryder.can Skye come over for a spaday, Skye: *jumps high in the air and catches ball*, Chase: Yea she is very athletic *sighs Dreamily*. Skye: your my favorite pup in the world, love u to Chase and sure we can make out some day or.....we could make out tonight!!!!! Katie : oh .boy it's 4:25 i better hurry . But I also don't know if you will like it so I'm gonna come out and just say it." Oh (thinks Yay I have the same noodle as Skye ), Both : not looking at each other then they got closer and closer then it happendd (they kissed), Chase and Skye :*walk over to the cliff leaning into each other * I love you Skye ,I love you Chase, Chase and Skye :playing pup pup boogie finals, Both: Tailspin! Ice or Snow I am ready to go . (On 6.00 pm chase is walking towards skye in the lookout when nobody there). (scene change paw patrol symbol with Skye and Chase's badge). A: PAW-jamas! Romance Chase Skye Tv Pups Report. Oh hey Marshall! Skye: were you staring at me ? Chase's POV I always thought Chase was a little awkward around Skye. Crescendo: I got it! Skye : What cookie? Ryder through pup tag : we need you to help Rocky set up a umbrella over Chase and Skye 's dinner date table. Skye: I'm Skye! The Nickelodeon children's cartoon posted a tweet in support of Black Lives Matter in … Skye : *pops out in front of chase *Caught you ! Ryder: and ..uh..skye I'll need you to try and locate Bettina from the air . He is also the co-founder of The PAW Patrol with Chase. Chase: So how about that date ? PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ryder was playing games on his pup pad again, while the pups were busy playing outside in the park. Wally: ark ark *catches the fish* and eats it . "Skye I need to tell you something. Ryder: do you want help to ask her on a date? and "these paws uphold the laws!" Chase:we fell asleep when Apollo The super pup episode began. all pups,Ryder and Katie :they are the perfect couple, Chase:*pulls out Skye' s chair * your chair sweety, Skye: oh Chase you and your friends *smiling at him*, chase: i wonder if we could get the same spaghetti noodle he thinks, Chase : what? She tries everything with a backflip, grace, and a smile. ( blushes)but before do you want to eat the cookie ? A time where Marshall became emotionally wrecked by his own friends betrayal and decided to quit the team while running away. Felt inspired and made this for all those shippers out there. Skye recently got into a relationship with Everest, and she seems happy. Farmer Yumi : Bettina ran away ! Rubble is a tough bulldog that fixes buildings, but he's scared of spiders! Chase: TA-DA! Skye: *tearing up looking at the date table* WOW! A lot of good things have happened since he left, but, Jamie. Skye : yes Bettina ,she 's not far from you ! . Q: How is Rocky like a coin? Chase: But what if she doesn't feel the same way? Meet Skye! ZachyBeanPole Jun 9, 2020. Chase: ok yes I like Skye . Chase : I am just nervous that she dosentt like me back *whimper*, just as Marshall said that Everest zoomed by on her snowplow rig. So this is like part one of my story. One day, Ryder overhears a strange conversation where he hears mentions of his parents, who was murdered awhile back. Ryder is now an adult and with the help of his pups Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Rubble, the Paw Patrol is a success. With the whole Chase like Skye thing, I just had to do a fanfic on it. Mr . Skye is a female cockapoo that makes a great lookout with her piloting skills. Yeah!”. Oh, you should tell her. Ryder: don't worry Farmer Yumi ,No job is to big ,no pup is to small*pulls out the special attachment to his Pup Pad ,PAW PATROL to the Lookout . Ryder: * slides down his fireman's pole *, (scene change Chase and Skye's badge side by side). DeviantArt - Homepage. Katie : I think skye and you will be cute . He'll love yelling out Chase's catchphrases like "Chase is on the case!" These pups are really on a roll! Chase x Skye: my second favorite couple. Everest loves the ice and snow and lives in the mountains! Skye maybe knows that Chase has a huge crush on her. Chase: well you exciuse me,I need to dance with Skye. Chase : i bet you can't keep this ball away from me! Rocky: Yeah, me neither, usually you act serious a lot. I kept a secret *runs inside*, Skye: huh I wonder what Everest meant *shrugs her shoulder*as she looked inside she saw Chase with her favorite rose bouquet from the florist ,she was shocked, Chase:*puts down roses* Skye you are the *gulps*most beautiful ,kindest ,sweetest ,pup I have ever met and I really like you,I have had a Crush on you since the day I met you and I am sorry I took so long to confess my crush . Rocky: Smoky, Aryana I'm coming to get you! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chase: Actually, its just Chase. Chase: bro catch! (when chase and skye is dancing chase is thinking of something). Marshall is a dalmatian pup who is seen to be silly and clumsy. *Skye kisses Chase, all of the pups witness this and Skye runs away*. (screen shows Chase ,Marshall ,Zuma and Rocky). H… According to Keith Chapman, the creator of PAW Patrol, Skye was inspired by his own cockapoo. Marshall: yep me too Chase: * blushes * alright Everest said that Ryder Told her to bring Skye back by 5:00 pm. *pulls out her phone*, Ryder : *playing games on his pup pad * RINGS. Dec 13, 2020 I will be like Skye. This is my first Fanon wiki Post so hope you enjoy it! You will do fine . Chase : *looks,around*Are you talking to me? PAW Patrol: The Movie (2020 Director's Cut), Together through any weather: TundraxRocky pups, Sherbet and Rubble's great adventure (rewrite), Skye gets lost on her way to see jake and everest, Marshall and the Cowardly Pup Princess (Part 1), PAW Patrol: The Video Game (information page), Marshall and Chase-For the First Time in Forever, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Marshall: Wow bro, I didn't know you had an emotional side in you. Chase: Really? Marshall and Zuma have figured that out. Crescendo: thank you! We can help … Skye does a super high flip over Chase's head. Dec 13, 2020 Marshall x Everest and Chase x Skye. Rocky : Why do I have to wake up *Yawns! Skye always makes her landings graceful with flips. Everest : I was agreeing with you *chuckling nervously*, Chase: Ryder There is Skye .what do I do ,what do i do ? Where's Chickaleta? stumbles into Skye and rolls into the lookout *. Q. "H-hey Skye." Skye: That's my police pup *nuzzles Chase*, Rocky: here come the two lovebirds now *points to Chase and Skye*, Skye: *giggles* Bettina is one hungry cow! Marshall: *walking beside Chase* so Chase are You nervous. 1 like. Ryder : Come on Chase , You can tell us anything. Watch as Skye teaches Chase and Ryder how to master the tricky dance moves in the pup pup boogie dance game in this video. Content: Typing short words. Lukas Engel voices a younger Marshall in flashbacks Tristan Samuel as Chason "Chase" Samuel, German Shepherd, … okay I am going to send Everest to pick her up . Ryder:*puts out his hand and catches them*I got you! But now the real question is what does Skye think about him? Skye: your my favorite pup in the world, love u to Chase and sure we can make out some day or.....we could make out tonight!!!!! You can see it in the episodes.. How chase worries for skye, how they look at each other.. Cant you see it? Grades: Grade … Skye : I have had a crush on you too * blushing*she then tackles him pinning him to the ground she licks him on his cheek . Solely Chase and Skye know Marshall's secret and Chase gets suspicious of Rocky as Rocky does of Marshall and things get out of hand sooner or later ' cause A PAW Patrol Movie The PAW Patrol Fanfiction Marshall Gone Missing By HavocHound One day was a patrol day for the team and Marshall & Skye were out on patrol and Come on Bettina ,fresh hay *shows her the hay*. by EyilesJack on DeviantArt Hunden in der Hauptrolle: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble und Skye. Chase was playing tag with Marshall and Zuma while Skye was busy playing ball with Rocky and Rubble. Katie : I think skye and you will be cute . Chase : i really like Skye she is like the pup of my dreams . Careers. Farmer Yumi :* over phone * Ryder I need help! Fandom & Reception. Ryder calls Everest and explains the situation. (on 7.00 pm chase is waitting for then he saw skye wearing a beautiful dress), Chase: I really love you I've loved you since the day we meet, Skye: me to I love you to I also care about you. Skye:chase ask me on a dance party festival,i need your help, please ? Chase : i really like Skye she is like the pup of my dreams . Chase is still amazed by the gorgeous Cockapoo pup with Magenta eyes that's in front of him. Everest: okay Ryder . Jan 11, 2021 - #wattpad #fanfiction PG-13| Chase and Skye love each other. (at Katie's on 6.20 pm skye arrives at Katie's). No Chase doesn't like me. Marshall,Rubble,Rocky and Zuma: are you ready Chase? 1. Let's do some loops Shira: hehehe okay sis! (Skye's and chase's kids is a boy and rocky and tundra is a girl). Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. During an Ultimate Rescue mission led by their Dalmatian friend and co-leader, Marshall, the mission goes into chaos when an explosion occurs while finding a lost puppy in a warehouse with him inside. Chase is walking on the sidewalk *pup tag rings * yes Ryder sir , Ryder :Everest is coming to pick Skye up hurry and get freshened up quickly . they reach to the back of the Lookout ,Skye then pounces on Chase. There are many hardcore shippers of Chase X Skye on the PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki . I guess I got my name from the fact I LOVE flying and I can do some pretty high flips! Ryder :*pulls out his pup pad * PAW PATROL to the lookout, skye:*pup tag rings *skye you don't need to come to the lookout we don't need you for this mission ,said Ryder, Ryder: pups we have a special emergency Chase likes Skye and we need to help him ask her out, Ryder: Rocky i need you to find the perfect place for their date, Marshall i 'm putting you in charge of helping chase get flowers for Skye, Rubble you can get pup treats and food from Mr. Porter, Chase I need you to ask her out when she comes to the lookout, Every pup and Ryder: we know you can do it, Skye : huh I wonder what their mission's about, Katie : whatever it is we girls are just relaxing *removing cucumber from her eyes* Isntt that right Cali, Rocky : sniffing around for a good place* Aha Found the perfect place ( under a tree where they could see the sunset, Marshall: come on Chase lets get the flowers for Skye, Chase : can I get some roses 2 pink ones on each side with 3 red roses in the middle, Chase : and the card should say " I love you with all my heart you are the best pup in the world ,Love Chase". Bye Wally *waves*, Wally : ark ark *waves his flipper* swims away, Rocky : *tries to push up the umbrella over the table*, Rocky : oh good you are here I'll take the other end in the tree *barks* grabber *grabber comes out of his pocket, Chase : ryder sir *speaking into his pup tag *, Chase : i need to get freshened up at Katie's Salon, Ryder: okay I'll call Katie and ask her where Skye is, Ryder calls Katie on his phone : Katie this is Ryder where is Skye. Chase and Skye : I will love you for ever! The Paw Patrol, 11 pups that save Adventure Bay from emergencies. What is the spaghetti for ? Katie : *through phone* She is right here . Rocky: You won't know till you try, that's the rules! Chase: your my favorite girl in my life, I love u Skye and do you wanna make out some day??? Watch her take to the sky. The clips and song lyrics are supposed to match up, kind of creating a whole story. (then Chase kiss Skye under the mistletoe and live hapily ever after and have kids Lani and Ace) Chase: Found her yay . Zuma:*rubs his eyes* can I go back to sleep! Skye: come on sis! Chase: do you want to go to the dance with me ? My favorite is Rubble x Sweetie. https://fanon.fandom.com/wiki/PAW_Patrol:_Pups_Save_Everest Does he?' Q: What does Rubble call his father’s father? Everest : *stopped by the pups * hopped out . (Catches the ball) yay! * a confused look on her face*, Chase: oh that's right * puts paw over face*i forgot to show you the cookie *raises up cover off of the plate*, Skye: Chase you did this for me ? Everest/Skye (PAW Patrol) Chase/Marshall (PAW Patrol) Skye (PAW Patrol) Chase (PAW Patrol) Chase feels awkward; when a pup gets into a relationship but she liked you before and you feel weird; Summary. T T Info. But Chase acctually DOES like Skye. Chase: Ahh! rocky and tundra got married so did Chase and Skye and had kids. Skye :*lands right next to them * Chase got her? Everest over Ryder's pup pad : i am bringing Skye back to the lookout ,okay Ryder, Chase: okay thanks Marshall *chuckles slightly*, Ryder : Skye will be here soon . They. Katie : Hold on Cali,Skye will be here soon ! Rubble : well not exactly ,Chase is going to ask her out TODAY *dragging his paw across the ground *, Mr. Porter : oh..okay I better get the food ready *running to the kitchen*, zuma: *at the beach feeding Wally* Hew you go dude *tosses him another fish*. Skye: What? Mr. Porter: those two are finally dating . Sky Chase is a multiplayer typing game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race against each other while practicing typing and keyboard skills! You said yes HOWL!he then realizes that Skye licked him on his cheek *chase cheeks were a crimson red blushing*, Skye : feeling very embarassed Skye started to walk backwards, Chase: *takes Skye's paw *it's okay I'm here, Skye: nuzzles into chase's side no matter who was looking. Trailer Skye and chase part 2 My favorite does not involve Chase or Skye. Snowboarding!! Chase X Skye has become very popular since the PAW Patrol show's debut in 2013. Chase : * pulls out his megaphone* Wake up everypupp ! It was another good day for the Paw Patrol. PAW Patrol: The Movie (2020 Director's Cut), Together through any weather: TundraxRocky pups, Sherbet and Rubble's great adventure (rewrite), Skye gets lost on her way to see jake and everest, Marshall and the Cowardly Pup Princess (Part 1), PAW Patrol: The Video Game (information page), Marshall and Chase-For the First Time in Forever, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Everest : okay I have to pick up Skye . Marshall, Just Be Your Self, a paw patrol fanfic. Skye: Hi C-chase! Q: What does Skye wear when she sleeps? :), As usual chase was the first pup to wake up. Core Membership. His main color is red, given that is the color of his uniform (which normally features a fire helmet on duty), and pup pack.

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