The movie also stars Jo Beth Williams as Bill W.’s wife, Lois W., who is credited with starting Al-Anon. BOOM Rethink the Drink – A supportive, diverse community, open to anyone hoping to stop drinking or just slow down. Learn how your comment data is processed. 28 Days. Below are some of the best documentaries about alcohol, drinking culture, the history of drinking, and how this pastime you don’t think about often has evolved to reflect our society’s values. A classic at this point. And I applaud the filmmaker for taking this on. All of these movies show the dark side of addiction. This documentary about addiction takes an insightful look at what it means to see, firsthand, the realities of heroin addiction. It follows the lives of a number of people in recovery, from corporate executives to volunteer workers. High On Crack Street. Stahl was a television comedy writer in the 1980s, most famous for the television show “Alf.”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The staff is highly trained in assessment and able to provide further information on safely obtaining sobriety prior to admittance into rehabilitative programs. In addition, it also considers relatives, friends, and close loved ones that are greatly impacted by ongoing drug abuse and alcohol use disorder. What does it mean to be an alcoholic as opposed to a binge drinker? Media is an influential tool to reach out to the masses and to disseminate information about certain important issues. The pain these people were inBoth mentally and physically“Gremlins” they just couldn’t bear to seeThat could at some point be you or mePotentially, I think part of alcohol’s insidiousness isThat we think that it can’t happen to usBut I know it can though, personally. Your email address will not be published. My Name is Bill W. discloses the origin of Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization formed in 1935 in the small town of Akron, Ohio. Does Big Pharma impact prescription drug abuse in this country? I think it's on A&E, but there's a show called Intervention. This is the historical account of Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and his journey to sobriety. The show also works with substance abuse treatment centers across the country and offers resources for each … More reading from Boozemusings on the documentary Drinking Yourself to Death – Disney Mentality, Poetic Ramblings on Rain in my Heart by Floss, What has Rain in my heart taught me?Without a doubt alcohol isn’t worth the thrillIt killsBut we watch a programme like this and we thinkThat can’t happen to meSo I’ll have another drink, On the documentaryA womanSwigging vodka saysIt’s okI’m going to give upAs when I was in hospital I promisedJust not todayWhy not?Just ‘cos I can’t deal with the dayI need this. Not one of them glamorizes drug or alcohol use. We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It was heartbreaking and chilling. The town, with a population of a little over 95,000 residents, is battling through an opioid epidemic at alarming levels. Contact AspenRidge Recovery Centers at 855-288-5588 to speak to staff about various programs or to verify different insurance plans. I’ve read that seeing or knowing the ravages of alcohol abuse won’t help you quit drinking and I agree. Need more documentaries about addiction? As many have said before: addiction impacts more than just one person. The Truth About Alcohol 2016 TV-14 58m Social & Cultural Docs Emergency room doctor Javid Abdelmoneim endeavors to learn the truth about alcohol, both its benefits and risks, by exploring the science of drinking. The crime drama is about a group of drug addicts who support their addiction by robbing pharmacies and hospitals of their pharmaceuticals. ... You combat genocide with force, you combat drug abuse with education. The movie shows Bill W.’s struggle with alcoholism and tells how he started what is now a worldwide fellowship in his living room. One out of every 10 overdose victims dies. Pathway to Prevention puts prevention principles to work. The film stars actress Anne Hathaway who plays Kym, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who is temporarily discharged from rehab to attend her older sister’s wedding. This is another movie that should be shown to young people to keep them from ever thinking it’s cool to use heroin. This is not a documentary, unfortunately. Starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio in one of his earliest films, Basketball Diaries (1995) is the harrowing tale of teenager Jim Carroll’s addiction to heroin. The dramatic comedy debuted in theaters in the year 2000. The problem is that many of these people do not even realise they are putting their life in danger, even believing that drinking a few glasses of wine every night is keeping them healthy. Prohibition is a three part documentary and is over five hours long. The war on drugs doesn't work. Ultimately, Bob falls victim to a series of misfortunate events, as drug addicts always do. ... and recipients of scholarships—all are susceptible to peer pressure and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Lastly in our best documentaries about alcohol addiction we have Ken Burns’s ‘Prohibition’. Together we will change public perception, and ultimately the public response to the addiction crisis…FOREVER. It’s a sad reality that is impacting families of all economic, ethnic, and social groups. The purpose is to destigmatize the subject of addiction recovery. Many parents and school administrators want to actively prevent teen drug and alcohol use and abuse, but they don’t know where to begin. If so, how are their marketing practices changing to reach wider and farther? Rather than ignoring the growing numbers of overdose deaths, documentaries about drug addiction often empower those on a road to recovery and promote wellness, as well as hope. Seeing heroin, pot-smoking, alcohol bottles, or the sniffing of cocaine can cause an unexpected reaction in the brain. 20% of children are brought up by mothers who drink up to eighteen glasses of wine a week while fathers drink up to 25 pints. Entitled Drinking To Oblivion, the documentary saw the filmmaker visit the alcoholism unit of King's College Hospital London to meet addicts in the throes of recovery and relapse. At first, he runs away from rehab convinced he doesn’t belong there, but before long, he realizes rehab is exactly where he needs to be. Learning about addiction can certainly help you get on the path of addiction recovery. They, too, endured abuse and trauma that drove them to deaden their pain. There have been many movies made over the decades about all kinds of things, including substance abuse, addiction, and even recovery. Generally speaking, if you are a habitual drinker, emotions like fear or anxiety are likely to make you want to drink more. 10 Best Addiction Documentaries on Netflix In my house, Netflix is our source of watching TV shows or movies; we don’t even have cable TV because Netflix is so much cheaper. Like Clean and Sober, the movie 28 Days focuses on what it is like to get sober in rehab. The House I Live In is a great documentary film reviewing the drug problem in America. “Heroin(e)” tell… Top 8 Substance Abuse and Addiction Documentaries. After finding a dead woman in his bed who had been partying with the night before, Poynter thinks rehab will be a safe haven. Trigger Warning: films and documentaries about addiction and can be hard to process as they shed light on the harsh realities and events that often take place due to ongoing drug abuse. The goal of every episode is to uncover the unique situations that can cause or lead individuals to self-medicate. I applaud them for allowing their stories to be presented so that maybe we, or someone we know, can avoid their fate. The focal point of the documentary is exploring two participants who are suffering from substance dependency or severe addiction. Starting with the innocent motive of helping his patient manage pain, he would prescribe Opioids, albeit liberally. In the 1988 movie Clean and Sober, Michael Keaton plays Daryl Poynter, a drug addict and alcoholic who checks himself into rehab to escape trouble with the law. Starring Matt Dillon as Bob Hughes and Kelly Lynch as his wife Diane, Drugstore Cowboy made its debut in 1989 and has since become a cult classic. This is the story of how Port of Call helped him to find an alcohol … If you’re Drinking too Much too Often Talk to Us in our private forum on Mighty Networks. Over 20 million people in the United States struggle with substance abuse issues. In this particular case, family members, friends, and co-workers intervene on behalf of their loved one who is lost in the disease of addiction. This non-discriminatory documentary about addiction is a realistic depiction of what happens to an individual when they abuse drugs and alcohol. Here Are Must-See Films That Deal With Alcohol Abuse and Addiction 1. The act involves interceding in the life or behavior of a person, in the hopes of changing their behavior or the outcomes of the situation. Although the movie is a drama, it has some comedic overtones and makes for a couple of entertaining hours of movie-watching. Wine o’Clock from Australia, Risky Drinking from the United States, and Drinking Yourself to Death made in the UK, all do a terrific job of profiling different levels of what is often called alcohol-use-disorder. An Oscar-nominated short film follows the lives of three women — a fire chief, a judge, and a street missionary. The film’s website states: “We are moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters – all bringing the power and proof of recovery to our communities. This Academy Award-nominated Netflix documentary follows three women — a fire chief, a judge and a street missionary — fighting on the front lines of the heroin epidemic in Huntington, West Virginia. When is it too late? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Keep in mind that most movies about addiction show a lot of drug or alcohol use. More reading from Boozemusings on the documentary Wine o’Clock – I’ve Had Enough of Seeing “Mommy’s Wine Time” Glamourized ! More and more citizens are dying each year due to prescription pill overdose and prescription addiction. But after the power got into his head, he would soon abandon his medical code for Opioid trafficking and over-prescribing. There are several documentaries on alcohol misuse and abuse that I think are well balanced and reflect an experience that many of us can relate to. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you want to watch a really good movie about the high cost of low living, this flick is for you. This feature documentary film is about the more than 23 million people in the United States who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. By the time recovering alcoholic Darren, 23, from Birkenhead, realised that he had an alcohol problem he’d already failed his A-Levels and was sleeping rough on a friend’s couch. How Posting in the BOOM Community can help you Rethink the Drink, Alcohol, Brain Chemistry, Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity. Its viewpoint is broader and encompasses the issues as it concerns the War on Drugs. Startling truths about America’s richest pharmaceutical companies are revealed and the scope of information may leave you feeling overwhelmed. When is it time? The documentary maker nearly criedWanting to shout out “Why?”What makes you want to self destruct? Over a period of time, the individuals are followed, leading up to what is widely known in recovery as an intervention. For this reason, it’s important that licensed therapists are considered as a viable option for treatment and not only for someone with an addiction but also for those that have been exposed to drug abuse. Colorado Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Professional Intensive Outpatient Program, Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program, Colorado Benzo Addiction Treatment Program, Colorado Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Center. As the wife of someone battling with extreme alcohol use disorder, Lois finds herself feeling isolated and angry. Ten percent of the 96,000 people who live in Cabell County, where Huntington is located, are addicted to IV drugs. While in rehab, Keaton meets a tough substance abuse counselor and recovering addict played by Morgan Freeman. The outlook for recovery is bright and taking the first step is often the most challenging aspect. If You're Drinking too Much too Often Rethink the Drink Talk to Us. Discover more information on these subjects during various documentaries about addiction as it refers to prescription medication. Download the free app HERE for connection and support when you need it. Starring Ben Stiller and Elizabeth Hurly, the film focuses on Jerry Stahl (played by Stiller) and his $6,000 a week heroin habit. > Top 5 Documentaries on Addiction Recovery That Help Posted by windwardway on April 23, 2018 Oftentimes, the best stories about recovery can be found in documentaries; and there have been plenty, detailing the highs and lows of recovery and the joys of staying the course. Here are eight amazing films and documentaries about addiction and recovery. This is a documentary that explains all about the … The drama is based on Carroll’s autobiographical book of the same name. Below we’re focusing on various documentaries that can help provide a different viewpoint on addiction, recovery, and the emotional narrative of families and individuals that persevere in some of the most grueling circumstances. AspenRidge is happy to help members who are receiving treatment as well as their family and friends. The best numbing agent they found was alcohol, so they handed it down to … The documentary, My Name is Bill W., has a different perspective and it is shared in this heart-wrenching film. Read more from our members HERE. Many can feel at a loss as to how to approach their loved one about their ongoing mental health and substance abuse issues. Investigators would later discover that he had … The 18th amendment banned the sale of alcohol between 1920 and 1933, seen as limiting freedom this government experiment proved an overwhelming disaster and turned many law abiding citizens into criminals instead of quashing … This gritty drama depicts a different version of the endless cycle of alcohol and drug addiction. Dope Sick Love is an old one, but a good one. Documentary style about a person with severe drug, alcohol, multiple addiction. It was received well by the public and, today, has over 300 episodes spanning 21 seasons. The movie does a good job of depicting the process every addict and alcoholic goes through when we first get clean and sober. In addition, it also considers relatives, friends, and close loved ones that are greatly impacted by ongoing drug abuse and alcohol use disorder. The documentary reveals the normal face of alcohol … If you’re in recovery or wanting to find inspiration for seeking help, this film can bring a sense of hope and possibility. She explores the power in unity and uses it as a tool to help other families suffering the same mental health issues. Documentaries on addiction, about real people afflicted with substance abuse issues requires no acting and an inside look. However, in the UK in 2012-13, there were 1,008,850 alcohol-related hospital admissions, and 8,367 alcohol-related deaths in 2012 alone. However, no matter how tragic, dark, or depraved drug or alcohol addiction might be depicted, shedding light on the realities of substance abuse is helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the drug epidemics that are plaguing nearly every major city and rural town across the country. Perhaps you’re interested in watching addiction documentaries because you’re a substance abuse professional and you’d like to learn more about addiction. They offer perspective on current ideas of what a healthy relationship to alcohol may be and represent different approaches to stopping drinking or adjusting to a moderate drinking lifestyle. It often becomes a question about support versus enabling. This movie should be shown to every single high school student as an anti-drug message. This particular documentary raises the question of whether or not the War on Drugs is a viable place to spend resources, or if it’s lacking in addressing the underlying causes of ongoing addiction. But I know that Rain in My Heart helped me stay sober when I watched it a few weeks after I’d stopped drinking. This engaging documentary was created to destigmatize addiction and show the world who we are. This non-discriminatory documentary about addiction is a realistic depiction of what happens to an individual when they abuse drugs and alcohol. This can be a trigger for many people. Millions of people around the globe are now familiar with a 12-step plan. As many are aware, addiction impacts everyone differently and no two stories are the same. The House I Live In is educational, but it’s also entertaining. Those of us here who are facing our demons and actively trying to change our ways should witness the plights of the 4 tragic souls in this film. Best Drug Addiction & Substance Abuse Documentaries to Show Young Adults. The Anonymous People, a documentary from 2013, takes a broad look at the problem. ITV’s Tonight programme recently focused on the increasing levels of alcohol abuse among the middle-classes in the UK. Heroin(e) puts a magnifying glass on just one U.S. city currently ravished by opioid addiction. We offer schools and parents simple, evidence-based resources that can help reduce the risks of teen drug or alcohol use or abuse. Each episode explores different substances and different outcomes for all involved. All Documentaries Emmy Winner Assembled by some of the nation's top documentary filmmakers, and consisting of nine segments that focus on case studies and cutting-edge treatments that challenge traditional beliefs about addiction, this film features insights from experts on trends and treatments in the ongoing battle against drug and alcohol abuse. The film shows how millions of individuals are incarcerated each year due to the disease of addiction. In my first months sober, I read many books on how to stop drinking, and biographies about peoples experience of addiction and recovery, but my most vivid memory of a punch to the gut style reality check, an awkward-uncomfortable-squeamish-sorrowful this could be you if you drink alcohol again moment, was the documentary Rain in My Heart.

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