GoW 1/2), Added internal log buffer - reduced game startup times due to I/O stall, Added support for individual per-game patchlists (e.g. Sly Cooper Collection (1, 2, 3) [EU/US] - FB res. https://github.com/Electry/VitaGrafixPatchlist, Fixed a bug where "Your game version is not supported" message would not appear if you had a different game version to that of a patch, Added support for manual redirection to alternate patch file (aka. Gearbox Software's Borderlands series is a hallmark of the FPS genre, but 2012's Borderlands 2 is one of the best in the entire genre. Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault / QForce [EU/US] - FB res. You signed in with another tab or window. You can set your FB/IB/FPS/etc.. in [MAIN], those will be used as default values. Sign in PCSG0040 Borderlands 2 ボーダーランズ2. Borderlands 2 supports both the Xbox 360 wired gamepad AND the PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller NOTICE: It is possible for Mac and PC to become out of sync during updates. I bet you just have to add that to games.c :). A 30fps con overclock a 344 mhz y grabado con el plugin de video de autoplugin. Benvenuto a Borderlands 3 Esplora nuovi mondi e affronta nemici mai visti, da solo o in co-op, nei panni di uno dei quattro cacciatori della Cripta - i cercatori di tesori più tosti della galassia, ognuno dei quali vanta abilità, specializzazioni e caratteristiche uniche. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to Known issues: Ratchet & Clank 2 … I was looking around for ways to make Borderlands 2 run smoother on PSVita/TV and came across this post here! Borderlands 2 crashed alot on the stock config as well. VitaGrafix. I think it's the version PCSG00400 (one more zero), I added it and also compiled the file if you want to try: Hey, thanks for letting us know. Extract the files. Hey hey! since this release, The plugin now uses ioPlus v0.1 ! so I tried following the guide but when I drag my Coalesced_INT.bin file from WillowGame/CookedNGP to the Coalescer.exe inside of XComAndroidTools folder provided by said guide I receive a blank folder. The ‘Borderlands 2 Save File Editor‘ by Gibbed lets you create new save files or modify existing save data in Borderlands 2.For example, you can level up your Vault Hunter, add more money, skip missions, and add awesome weapons to your backpack. !strncmp(titleid, "PCSF00576", 9) || // Borderlands 2 [EUR-2] [1.07] Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus [EU/US/JP] - 2x IB res. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Graphics Tweaks – Editing the*.inis. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z [EU/US/JP] - IB res. The official website for information on the award-winning Borderlands series of shooter-looter games, add-on content, and related products. The official website for information on the award-winning Borderlands series of shooter-looter games, add-on content, and related products. Die offizielle Website mit Informationen zur preisgekrönten Shooter-Looter-Reihe Borderlands samt Erweiterungsinhalten und verwandten Produkten. World Connected Story Expose the evil surrounding the Hyperion Corporation and take on the perpetrator of a universe-wide grand deception -- the nefarious Hyperion CEO, Handsome Jack. Borderlands 2 is de opvolger van de in 2009 verschenen Borderlands. Revolvers and Repeaters were two distinct kinds of weapons in the original Borderlands; they have since been consolidated into a single \"Pistol\" category. Ratchet & Clank Collection (1, 2, 3) [EU/US] - FB res. You signed in with another tab or window. Eridian weapons have been replaced by E-tech weapons which conform to the revised six categories listed below: 1. I've installed a plugin called "Simple Overclock" with which I max out performance with CPU: 444 Mhz, Bus + GPU: 222 Mhz, Xbar Clock: 166 Mhz. I love Borderlands 2 and would really love to love it on Vita. #16. But since the franchise was so popular, people started trying to revive it with some tweak to make it playable. Dismiss Join GitHub today. 17 October 2018 / wololo.net / 3 min read VitaGrafix updated to version 3.1 accompanied by VitaGrafix Configurator version 1.2: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, Dragon Quest Builders, Ratchet & Clank Collection, Borderlands 2 (EU) and many more games now supported! Borderlands 2 [EU-2] (PCSF00576) - FB res. Ratchet & Clank 2 + 3 has some UI clipping issues. I've had it crash alot more online than in single player but that might be my internet connection. Welcome to Borderlands 3 Blast through new worlds and enemies as one of four brand new Vault Hunters – the ultimate treasure-seeking badasses of the Borderlands, each with deep skill trees, abilities and customization. @fidzerone Fixes: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens [EU/US] - now playable at 960x544 without crashes. Borderlands 2 is het vervolg op de veelgeprezen en populaire role-playing shooter en trakteert je opnieuw op een unieke stijl, interessante personages en meeslepende coopgameplay. Dragon Quest Builders [EU/US/JP/ASIA] - FPS cap (you can force 30 FPS lock) You will need to either configure them manually or using VitaGrafixConfigurator. VitaGrafix is a taiHEN plugin that allows you to change resolution and FPS cap of PS Vita games (to get better visuals, ... OFF means that there are no modifications to the game, so Borderlands 2 runs at 960x544 unless you add/change it in the config file. 2. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: So I decided to install vitasdk and try it by myself and is working as expected, just changed this line: else if (!strncmp(titleid, "PCSF00570", 9) || // Borderlands 2 [EUR] [1.07] Resolution Modding – VitaGrafix. Already on GitHub? Official patchlist: HERE. Borderlands 2 is a legendary game on the PSVita, not because it's an awesome game or something, but because the port was horribly made. This is established by a fractured remnant of his psyche, manifesting itself as an \"inner voice\" in his mind. ux0:data/VitaGrafix/patch/PCSF00001.txt), Added support for inline comments on the same line as code. Description This contains all Borderlands 2 Lvl 72 character game saves Installation 1. ## What's new: - Fixed a bug where "Your game version is not supported" message would not appear if you had a different game version to that of a patch Drop the extracted file into your savegame folder under C:Users[Your User Name]DocumentsMy GamesBorderlands 2WillowGameSaveData[Some Numbers]. Borderlands 2 [EU-2] (PCSF00576) - FB res. e.g. All game options (IB/FB/FPS) are now OFF by default. Naast de twee games krijg je bij deze editie ook nog eens alle DLC die voor de games zijn uitgekomen, inclusief een paar DLC die nog niet zijn uitgekomen. 3. So I have a crash error when I start the game and when data/Vitagrafix/config.txt is in ux0. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and By default, it’ll set the game’s framebuffer to 640×368 (a known working resolution). We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. 83 commits LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens [EU/US] - now playable at 960x544 without crashes, Known issues: VitaGrafix is a taiHEN plugin that allows you to change resolution and FPS cap of PS Vita games (to get better visuals, higher FPS or longer battery life). From its villain, Handsome Jack, to its music and mechanics, Borderlands 2 embodies everything a good FPS game should strive to be. New region support: Have a question about this project? (game uses dynamic scaling, you need to specify two res. Sly Cooper Thieves in Time [EU/US] - FPS cap Utawarerumono: Chiriyuku Mono he no Komoriuta [JP] - IB res. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Using FrameCounter, the following compares the game's framerate without oclockvita and with oclockvita set to max performance. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Borderlands 2 for PC. Borderlands 2 Performance Tweaks Hello all. IB=960x544,720x408) Fixed bug where [MAIN] options were ignored in some occasions. You will need to install ioPlus.skprx in order to use this version. Borderlands 2 features a seamless system enabling you to drop in and drop out of a campaign without ever having to restart the game. Within this short time period, Mac users will only be able to play other Mac users. Pistols : Versatile class of weapons usually suited to short-to-medium range combat, typically with fast reload speed. Borderlands 2 is een scifi first-person shooter met RPG-elementen die is ontwikkeld door Gearbox Software en uitgegeven door 2K Games.Het spel kwam op 21 september 2012 uit voor Microsoft Windows, de PlayStation 3 en de Xbox 360.Daarnaast kwam er in 2014 een PlayStation Vita versie van de game en in 2019 kwam er een VR versie uit. Though it is uncertain what caused Krieg's transformation into a psychotic killer, the game provides evidence hinting at an antithetical personality in the past. Summary: Borderlands 2 advances the distinct blending of FPS and role-playing genres to create an evolution of the Role Playing Shooter. For more information, visit the VitaGrafix wiki: HERE Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Deze geweldig HD collectie bevat Borderlands 2 en Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. ... Just my opinion, but VitaGrafix and 500mhz OC made it run at over 25fps at all times for me which made it very playable. Sub-ty… Config/patchlist parsing is now case-insensitive. resetes12 over at GBATemp has created a guide on tweaking Borderlands 2 that includes a few *.ini files that can be tweaked to skip opening videos or change features like draw distance.. Fixes: This List has all unique Borderlands 2 Weapons. Un pequeño gameplay de resident evil revelations 2 con el vitagrafix, resolucion 960x544p. You can sort & filter the Database to discover the right gear for your build. Weapon classes have been reorganized. Download the file. Added support for Arm A2 MOVW encoding (a2_mov) in patchlist.txt. !strncmp(titleid, "PCSE00383", 9)) { // Borderlands 2 [USA] [1.09], Could you add japan version too? First thank for your work! It reveals that Krieg had previously engaged in vault hunter-esque activities, such as aiding the needy, and getting paid with loot. privacy statement. I show you what happens when you play Borderlands 2 ps vita in 2019!Borderlands 2 ps vita in 2020! New game support: BL2Fix is an overhaul mod that targets the issues with Borderlands 2's loot systems, character progression, pacing, balance and endgame and fixes them by carefully adjusting XP rates, loot drops and item generation. I'll add it. It also features a plethora of quality of life improvements to give you the best Borderlands 2 experience out there. The voice also seeks to control Krieg's lust for mur… to master Borderlands 2 for Xbox 360 game reviews & Metacritic score: Play as one of 4 new vault hunters facing off against a new world of creatures, psychos and the evil mastermind, Handsome Jack. + FPS cap to your account, Could you please just add the version PCSF00576 of borderlands 2? (japan version too, as soon as someone confirms that it's working), PCSG00400 added in Electry/VitaGrafixPatchlist@6cc6bc7. This game is also supported by VitaGrafix. !USE directive in, Vastly improved UX (UI, logging, error reporting, etc...), Rewritten parser/interpreter from scratch - revamped, Now you can use separate options for each game in "collections" with single Title ID (e.g. Check here if you are looking for the Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Save File Editor.. Can anyone give some advice on how to optimize performance on the Vita? Het verhaal gaat verder met nieuwe personages, vaardigheden, vijanden, wapens en uitrusting. Borderlands 2 starts with the attempted murder of the main characters by Handsome Jack, and afterwards, he's always present. [MAIN] accepts same options as GAME section - the latter takes precedence if both are present.

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