If you're the only resident in the ICU at an unopposed program, you will probably get more lines. 10150 SE 32nd Ave. Milwaukie, OR 97222. Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you have an idea as to which residency programs are considered best in family med. Would go for unopposed in a heartbeat if the decision was up to me (yay match). Providence Oregon Family Medicine Residency is a 21-resident three year community based unopposed program located in the Portland Metro area. Recent FM grad from a 12-12-12 opposed program in a big city. Our program is located just six miles from downtown Portland, Oregon. I am drawn to the idea of an unopposed program for the freedom and the perception that I would learn more, taught directly by attendings. 503-850-7087. Sounds awful. Two main differences I saw were: 1. We rotated through EVERY department (most importantly their clinics - even wound care) and because the system was so overloaded, we were taught how to initiate care for most conditions (even DMARDs for rheumatologic cases) prior to sending them in to the specialist. 1) Unopposed 764 bed hospital building an entire new ER and hospital tower 2) Unopposed, we are the only residents at the hospital the faculty (FP, Surg, IM, Specialists) are always happy to see us and teach. There are also some rural communities that just don’t have as much peds so search thoughtfully for that as well. Imagine, you’ve found the perfect Internal Medicine residency program and a fantastic Family Medicine residency program– but both are in the same hospital. 'Better' training is subjective, given the breadth of our specialty. Lots of unopposed programs out there where you aren't doing many procedures or seeing many interesting cases. I'm a third year in a fully opposed tertiary care center. Unopposed – Means that at the primary educational facility (hospital) there is only a single residency program. Broad spectrum training for community engagement including medical assisted therapy, gender-affirming care, procedural skills, inpatient medicine… Providence Oregon Family Medicine Residency Providence Milwaukie Hospital. More posts from the FamilyMedicine community, For all those who work in, work with or are interested in Family Med, Press J to jump to the feed. I guess, at the end of the day, a lot will depend on WHERE you want to practice and what kind of patients/problems are you looking to work with. Much better learning. Unopposed Program St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency Program is the only medical Residency of the Mohawk Valley Health System. Providence Oregon Family Medicine Residency is a 21-resident three year community based unopposed program located in the Portland Metro area. You should be asking how many patients you see as a third year. I was between two top tier programs in California, one opposed and one unopposed. Are the 80 hour weeks rough? Opposed – There are other residency programs at the primary facility, from one … Look out how much the rural hospital transfers patients out. They both feel like 400 if you're working with complete tools. It's not hours that matter. Texas is a great place to train to be a family physician. Going into FM with plans to open a DPC or traditional solo practice after residency. 99% sure I want to open this practice in my hometown, where my friends, family and in … You may also be deduced to working under NPs/PAs on specialty rotations and not learn much on a lot of rotations. Opposed – There are other residency programs at the primary facility, from one other to twenty others. First year is alternating service months with non service blocks. Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical SchoolMedical interests: Rural medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, inpatient medicine, and hospice.I also enjoy mentoring medical and pre-medical students. But that doesn't mean you can't get lines in an academic center ICU. But I also understand that if you want to learn something you can usually find a way in any setting. Find a place that has people you connect with. period. Unopposed residency at Family Medicine-friendly community-based hospital, supporting three Family Medicine residencies. With finite numbers of cases in given time periods, each medical institution must allocate cases and opportunities to learn and practice specific medical procedures. The mission of the ECHN Family Medicine Residency Program is to train outstanding, capable, conscientious full spectrum family physicians through innovative and evidence based … It varies program to program based on how specialists interact with the residency and the patient population you serve. This means that you will not be competing for learning experiences … Or does it matter. Family Medicine Residency Gundersen has a 40-year history of excellence in graduate medical education in multiple specialties, including: general surgery, internal medicine, transitional year, podiatry, … Intern year is about 80hr/week for inpatient and 40-50hr/week for outpatient which is only 3 months intern year. When I was in your shoes interviewing, rural programs said unopposed was superior whereas opposed programs said collaboration with other residents and practicing ebm was superior. You can also work in an outpatient setting, inpatient setting, urgent care and an emergency room. I’m at an unopposed program. We currently work 40-50hr/week on outpatient blocks (5 2nd year, 9 3rd year) and 60-80hr/week ok inpatient blocks during 2nd and 3rd year. It varies program to program based on how specialists interact with the residency and the patient population you serve. Family medicine residency programs are specifically required to have residents assess community, environmental, and family influences on health. I have to vote mine... unopposed community program. WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital - Family Medicine We are a community hospital-based family medicine program located in the beautiful rolling hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania. North Colorado Family Medicine is a full-spectrum, unopposed Family Medicine Residency Training Program. The opposed program I chose was part of a county hospital in a large city with every specialty in house. I'm struggling to choose between opposed and unopposed programs while making my rank list. If you want to do rural go with unopposed. A little bit of context: I have … Family med also tends to have closer relationship with mental health than internal medicine, from what I garnered during medical school Family med also has a ton of variety in possible practice settings, that … Would throw in that you can have the best of both worlds with a community based or mostly unopposed program that has academic affiliation. With a FM residency in a larger facility you are more siloed into FM which would be great if you wanna work in a large town with multiple specialties locally. Is your recommendation based on experience with an opposed program? Unopposed 100%. Named in honor of highly-regarded family physician and community leader, David Kistler, MD, the program seeks to train community-based family physicians capable of taking care of both our local area, the state of Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. Academic programs? The mission of the ECHN Family Medicine Residency Program is to train outstanding, capable, conscientious full spectrum family physicians through innovative and evidence based educational curriculum in a patient centered medical home. We are an accredited 10-10-10 unopposed family medicine residency program with advanced training opportunities in geriatric medicine, sports medicine, and osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal medicine… Collaborative – A term some residencies are using to describe their opposed, but positive, culture. Is this more pronounced at unopposed programs? My inpatient/outpatient training is great, but in the opposed specialities seriously lacking. I intend to ultimately practice in a more rural/community setting, and I'd like to be exposed to as much as possible. We are … 3) Salary 44k + the best benefits of any program I reviewed last year, 2000k CME $/per year, book $, PDA, paid step 3, Free parking and meals Highly recommend you pick an unopposed residency in a rural/smaller community. The Family Medicine Residency programs at Troy and Grosse Pointe are unopposed. Even many unopposed ones aren't great. Thank you! Thank you for coming to the party! Texas supports its … At the very least, if the program is strong and a good fit that might weigh more than just oppose vs unopposed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Family Medicine Residency Program at Ventura County Medical Center (VCMC) is a premier site for full spectrum, unopposed Family Medicine residency training. It is crazy. I between school and studying I do about 60-80 hour weeks now but I couldn't imagine being away from home all of that time. I'm sure my experience isn't universally true, but that has not been my experience. I have a hard time imagining a downside to unopposed programs. Who ever thinks FM residency is easier than IM residency (at unopposed programs), or that the patients are less complicated, is an idiot who knows nothing about FM. I'm a PGY2 at an unopposed FM program and love it! But in a rural setting you would need a the diversity from an unopposed program. You will also need to find out if FM truly has broader scope of practice in their system. Welcome to Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency! Hi Reddit Friends – I am a 3rd year DO student interested in family medicine and needing some advice for moving forward into 4th year and applying for residency. Inpatient medicine/ICU you're looking at 72 hours a week for those blocks. What are some things I should consider when comparing them? I was torn about opposed vs. unopposed as well and ended up choosing a blended program that has the vast majority of unopposed experiences but rotates at academic hospitals for certain blocks. The Kistler Family Medicine Residency in Wilkes-Barre exemplifies Geisinger’s academic mission to train the best future physicians. We sponsor J-1 and H-1B visa. Use the AAFP Family Medicine Residency Directory to find residency programs by location, community setting, international medicine opportunities, and more. The unopposed Family Medicine Residency program is slated to begin summer 2019 Media Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murrieta is launching a new family medicine residency program … first let me say congratulations on matching! I know this is not the usual, and most opposed programs face a very real possibility of a less 'breadth-y' education, but I walked away learning a great deal of things that I heard friends at unopposed programs say, "yeah, we just sent that out" - meaning they just referred them out to a specialist. I really appreciate you sharing your experience. United Family Medicine Residency 333 N Smith Ave, Suite 4640 St. Paul, MN 55102 651-241-1001 View map/get directions Quick links United Hospital Children's Hospital, St. Paul United Family Medicine … I just interviewed at an opposed program with high volume and strong inpatient presence where the residents felt extremely well prepared so I can definitely get where you’re coming from. Opposed places have you rotate with other services frequently. Welcome to the Prisma Health-Upstate University of South Carolina (USC) School of Medicine Greenville Seneca Family Medicine Residency. I'm not managing any of the … I'm not family medicine myself, but do see the appeal. An opposed program will probably give you a better quality of life during residency and training will be what you make of it. WellSpan is the … So - I know I'm late to the party, but really want to chime in. OB was similar, and we will see about Peds. I would recommend that guide your program choice more than the opposed/unopposed question. Do you sponsor ECFMG's? maybe the name but if not the state you're in? Our residency is a member of the WWAMI Region Family Medicine Residency Network, a one-of-a-kind, multi-state medical education program designed to alleviate the shortages of healthcare programs in … This is why I want to leave FM to go into something more "cush". Unopposed – Means that at the primary educational facility (hospital) there is only a single residency program. This was my feeling but haven't really heard from any one in an opposed program who feels they are not getting adequate exposure or would not be prepared to work in a smaller community. 167 share Report Save level 2 M-4 Original Poster 8 months ago Such a good idea!

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