Last updated: 22 June 2016. 1300 655 661. Always abide by the rules for novice drivers as well as the general road rules: Remember not to drive after drinking or taking medication that may affect your driving. Currently learner drivers cannot tow a trailer exceeding 750kg GVM ; P-plate drivers cannot tow another vehicle unless it is a trailer with a GVM of 750kg or less in the first 12 months of holding their license. Contacts & Services - all contact details in one location Fees & Charges - find a fee or charge in one location Novice drivers. Insight meets all your legal requirements with its easy fitting whilst increasing other users awareness of the learner driver. ACT. Licence Alert. Maybe mine were the 'old' stock that didn't fade and the new ones do. Share this page: Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Applying for a licence. Your Child has their P Plates . Provisional licence restrictions. They even sell them based on your home state to ensure you’ll comply with the relevant plate display rules (e.g. Repairs. They can be stuck to plastic, glass, aluminium and metal so can go on the bumpers and skirts, windows, UTE trays and more. Mobile Mechanics. The regulations were designed to save lives but not everyone is welcoming them. Also you may have seen green L plates?? Car Servicing . Driver's licence cards. Even if you aren’t going to customise your plates, this guide will ensure you have legal licence plates. Red P plate template. Many young Queenslanders driving on P-plates are blissfully unaware it is illegal for them to play music via Bluetooth, use satellite maps and more. Changes for L and P plate drivers 20 November 2017 The new Graduated Licensing Scheme. New P Plate Rules The Victorian licensing authority Vic Roads has imposed a new set of rules affecting the types of vehicles that can be legally driven by P plate holders. If you have an RE P2 provisional licence, you must display a green P plate on the rear of the motorcycle you are riding. posted 2011-Jan-4, 5:45 pm AEST ref: The only time you can if you want to display P plates is when you are taking the Pass Plus course which is available after your test. Each state and territory in Australia has a zero-tolerance rule for alcohol and drugs for both L- and P-Plate drivers. Mechanics. Some only apply to P1 drivers and some apply to both P1 and P2 drivers. Although they are a lot of fun and provide a great finishing touch to any vehicle, they also have a very serious benefit — proceeds from the sale of personalised plates go towards road safety activities. Certain rules and restrictions apply while you're on your Ps. Car Safety. Read important information about driving restrictions that apply to provisional licences. A P plate must be 150mm x 150mm in size and the colours are below. Check out our related articles. At the end of the day, it’s always frustrating to have L and P plates fly off, get broken or lost. Payments, refunds and concessions. Lifestyle Guides. No new P-plate rules or regualtions, just UV effect on the current stock of plates. These are for new drivers who have just passed their test and are still a bit nervous and want to let other drivers know that they are new to the road. For more information call 13 10 84. Funny that, I drove around with the same pair of green P-plates for over 2 years and they never faded or changed colour. Driving with no visible P-Plates: $357: $60: $417: 2: You must not gain 4 or more demerit points during the provisional licence period. Rules and restrictions for P-platers. iQ Find it fast. You can learn more about L plates and P plates laws, rules and regulations on, and The Highway Code. This must then be held for a certain amount of time before a driving examination can be undertaken usually 12 months later. However, if you don’t follow these licence plate rules, you could end up with a substantial fine of up to £1,000 upon failing your MoT test or getting caught on the road. About us and contacts . Deciphering P-Plate laws for where you live can be a challenge. Don't use your mobile phone behind the wheel. This is why you can also choose to buy a P and L plate holder for added peace of mind. You must display your P-plates whenever you drive. My vehicle. Articles. This is a PDF template file of a green P plate that you can download and print with a colour printer. While you may not feel as though you are using your phone, under Victorian rules you are. PlateMate plates come in a range of designs for use inside and outside your car. Other rules apply for older drivers. Licensing authorities around the country are progressively narrowing the selection of cars P platers can legally drive. Queensland P plate rules? Licensing site map. Mechanical Tips. With no national regulations when it comes to P-plate laws, each state and territory is left to establish and enforce its own rules, which generally results in widespread confusion. A new driver holds a Learner licence/permit which has a minimum age of 16 or 15 and 9 months in some areas. PlateMate have L plates and both red P plates and green P plates. Displaying P plates. It's up to you whether you decide to buy, borrow or make your P plates. The main thing is that you display them correctly when you're driving. Car Advice. Dealers and industry. Avoid driving tired. show red P plates that can be seen from at least 20 metres away, on the front and back of your vehicle unless you’re: a member of the police force driving a vehicle for work ; a member of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) driving a vehicle for fire fighting operations; driving an ambulance service or a Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) vehicle for work. Archive View Return to standard view. Hey, I am on my first year of P's in Victoria (red P's) but I am … New rules for p-plate licence holders restrict all mobile phone use, including 'hands free' and map applications. Size and colour of your P plates. My licensing resources. Ask a Mechanic. Repair Tasks. Some facts about P plate driving. Hazard perception test for learners . Driver rules, penalties and infringements. Login. P-plates must be clearly visible from the front and rear of the vehicle (rear only for motor bikes). Other styles of plates are not acceptable in South Australia. If you are a Queensland P1 type licence for a class C, RE or R, you must display a red P plate when driving a car or riding a motorcycle on a road. See how to correctly attach and display your P-plates. Keep up your good habits, like scanning for potential hazards and leaving a safe distance when following another car. Some P-platers say they are not aware of some of the road rules around using mobile phones while driving. So much for advancements in technology. Furthermore, rules coming in from July include a scheme for all first-year red P plate (P1) drivers to be banned from all mobile phone use while behind the wheel. Green P plate template PDF Popular. In Australia the rules vary from state to state. a P1 licence (red P-plate) for the first 12 months; a P2 licence (green P-plate) for the next three years. P-plates must meet these requirements: The minimum size is shown in the diagram below. The ultimate in convenience and compliance. We explain all the rules and regulations for p-platers across every state of Australia. Learning to drive: everything you need to know. You must only ride a learner approved motorcycle.. P plates. Number Plate Rules in India Improper Number Plates (also called ‘Registration Mark’) The MV Act (Rule 50, 51 of MV Act, 1989) specifies that the. Applies to all Learner's Permit holders. It will take longer to get to the next stage of licence if you have a bad driving record. You must not ride a motorcycle unless an appropriate P plate is displayed facing out from the rear of the motorcycle so that the letter P and the colour of the plate is clearly visible from a distance of 20 metres behind the motorcycle. Download (20.5 KiB) Licence. a) Registration letters and numbers shall be in black on white background for 2 wheelers / LMV Cars and Black letter on Yellow background for commercial vehicles. Source: AAP. Your Child has their P Plates Probationary drivers are involved in crashes where someone is killed or injured at three times the rate of more experienced drivers.Probationary licence restrictions are designed to reduce the risks new drivers face. last updated – posted 2011-Jan-4, 10:57 pm AEST posted 2011-Jan-4, 10:57 pm AEST User #186181 798 posts. 22 Apr 2016. Recalls. The plate must be a minimum of 150mm wide and 150mm tall. P-plate phone rules explained Can I play music if my phone is connected by USB or via Bluetooth? posted 2011-Jan-4, 5:45 pm AEST O.P. My vehicle plates. Back to top. Publication standards. THE RULE. P-plates must have the letter ‘P’ in red on a white background. L plates are an important requirement when learning to drive as they ensure other road users are aware that you may be a less experienced driver. P-plates must have the letter P printed in red on a white background. Signup. in NSW you must display plates on … Personalised number plates are available in a range of colours, themes and combinations. After passing the driver must display 'P' plates. If you have an RE P1 provisional licence, you must display a red P plate on the rear of the motorcycle you are riding.. Fleet. Inspections. Both P1 and P2 probationary drivers must never use any hands-free or hand-held device while driving, which includes listening to music. Australian vehicle registration plates or number plates are issued by state, territory, and Commonwealth governments, and the armed forces of Australia.The plates are associated with a vehicle and are generally intended to last for the time the vehicle remains registered in the state, though as they become unreadable (or for other reasons) they may be recalled or replaced with newer ones. The number plate rules and regulations can initially feel a bit overwhelming. Magazine. Print Rules for RE provisional or open licence holders Motorcycles. ryanz28. Queensland Learner Licence Windscreens. Displaying your P plates. But ignorance is no excuse. Most teenagers get their driver licence when they are 18 or 19 . P-plates must not be displayed when the person driving the vehicle is not a provisional driver. Press. This is a PDF template file of a red P plate that you can download and print with a colour printer. CATEGORIES. Whirlpool Enthusiast reference: L and P Plate Laws and Rules. When you get your P-plates. yep, faded green plates. Task 2: Display your P plates. Want to know more about learning to drive? Source: Northern Territory Department of Transport.

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