£25 for the 2Lp edition. New version is totally LOUD and loses the “dull” or funkiness of the original releases. Looking forward to hearing Coming Down Again and Winter in 5.1. ALL the vinyl is half-speed mastered. Aftermath Let It Bleed And an even greater version on LA Friday) As there are 3 Japanese record stores that have the super deluxe edition, HMV, Tower Records & CD Japan. When unwieldy stuff like this arrives I’m like the guitarist from”Spinal Tap” who won’t even let people look at let only handle his gear…. They make my ears bleed! As with “The Beatles-Abbey Road” box, the outtakes CD’s (or in this case, CD) are being limited to L.P. running time limitations, so that the vinyl release could be musically identical. 9. new percussion by mick, recorded at ronnie woods home studio. the 5.1 mix is very well done with nice balance all around. Also, will prints of all the Stones from the cover session by David Bailey be included? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); the box set and reissue music site for fans who love holding the music in their hands. I dread to think how much the next Bowiebox will cost because the makers of that will be seeing how much they think they can get away with. I hope the sound isn’t brickwalled like the Universal Remasters. The remaster is superb. It’s not cheap to buy and when you buy a deluxe edition, the least I expect is to be packed properly! The box set and deluxe CD and vinyl editions of Goats Head Soup all feature ten bonus tracks, which include alternate versions, outtakes and no fewer than three previously unheard tracks. I think I played GHS 4 times back to back. 8. And this. You Can’t Always Get What You Want Includes new stereo album mix, rarities/alternative mixes, 3 unreleased tracks (Scarlet, All The Rage, Criss Cross), and 1973's The Brussels Affair-recorded live at Forest National Arena. edited to fit on one CD. The Grrrrr book in that vinyl box set is a really awkward size too. Not sure which show it is, or if it is a mix of the two. Angie, 9. super-deluxe). ALL I ask on this box, ALL I ask… is that we don’t spend all this money and get the lame, edited clean version of “Star Star”. Star Star Bereits 1994 und 2009 erschienen remasterte Versionen des Albums. Can You Hear The Music Where is the promised 96 kHz/24 bit DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix on the Blu-ray? Note that the GIFT05 promotional code is only available for some customers. Why is the Blu-ray omitting 5 songs from the concert? Dancing With Mr D (Glyn Johns 1973 Mix) 7. Not a huge Stones fan so hard to justify even though one can get the BD without buying vinyl (unlike the Rush boxes). I can’t believe they’ve chosen to put the Glyn Johns’ mix of this song as a Japan-only bonus track. And the official Stones store are listing a clear 2 vinyl version with alternate cover. So I make that SIX physical formats in total. Will seek it out. Also, the Brussels Affair bootleg has been around for aeons – they could easily have slipped a 24/96 version onto the Blu-Ray along with the outtakes. Check again – I saw it was sold out earlier, and went back again and it was available for $33. For me this track will always equate with Page’s downfall . Paul, Can we get these sequenced according to post times? Criss Cross Gimme Shelter From what I remember, Kent slagged off Goats Head Soup and especially Angie pretty badly at the time. Why they did two shows on the same day that year I have no idea. Moderate cosmetic damage on item case. I will meanwhile hold on to my Japanese SHM SACD of this album for the ‘sleazy’ original mix, which I quite like. It’s Only Rock and Roll (fingerprint file, come on!!! Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2020. It just doesn’t state “5.1” anywhere. ( ordered) remember that only DHL and FED EX PIORITY are the only means for shipping, japan post has suspended all others. Your post made the difference between buying this set or not. YouTube doesn’t have the 5.1 surround which I’ve just listened to and it sounds great. Silver Train You can get the 2LP Vinyl from Amazon for £22.17 using discount code GIFT05 (until 12 July) – £5 off & post free in the UK. Free shipping It’s an ideal track for a surround mix with all the added percussion and backing vocals. All puffed up with nowhere to go. There is also a clear vinyl alternative cover version on the Rolling Stone website. I think she’s overrated and her opinion is worth zero. Yes Atmos 7.1 is one of the options, but the only other option is hi def stereo. Nick Kent was also a talking head in a J’Accuse The Rolling Stones TV programme around 1990, confirming the same. Exceptional reissue of the Stones most underrated album. Too few artists seem to concern themselves with the way their music sounds! there was/is other songs that would of made a better choice such as criss cross man long version mix 5 with a long swirling ending and thru the lonely nights. 13. advertising use. Can You Hear The Music Just ordered it from uDiscovermusic store for $95.40 with free shipping. It was available as a download some years ago and available in some super expensive sets. Yet the Stones were the only band that could be mentioned in the same breath as those 4 Lads. Included are the new stereo album mix, sourced from the original session files, Rarities & Alternative mixes featuring three previously unreleased tracks, Scarlet, All The Rage & Criss Cross. To me name Giles Martin and remixing means nightmare. The goat and ram head are greatly revered in Satanism and witchcraft. Courtney Love said that The Rolling Stones have 4 good albums. Additional exclusive are also available from the Rolling Stones official store. Brussels Affair has a long history. many critics came down hard on GHS, including Rolling Stone mag itself – after ‘Exile’ it did seem a little disappointing, but time has made us appreciate it so much more – especially for the dreck they’ve made post-‘Some Girls’. Ok.. I’m in for the cd super deluxe and two lp clear from stones sight … just so you all know I just ordered this minutes ago (6.45 pm) and it’s in stock from the uk stones store . The posters are beyond rubbish BTW, not sure where managed to source such cheap paper. 5. The concert isn’t on the blu-ray disc. Goats Head Soup (deluxe edition) The Rolling Stones Format: Audio CD. Had time too, to visit all 3 of them. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Anything over £15 per disc is steep in mybook. The Stones will never forget Allen Klein’s alleged wrongs againt the group…even though Klein died many years ago. I got the Brussels set from Google Music years ago. 7. Goats Head Soup [3CD/Blu-ray Super Deluxe Box Set], Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix) They want you to buy everything to get everything. The Rolling Stones‘ 1973 album Goats Head Soup will be reissued as a super deluxe edition box set in August. Appreciate the site and all the news everyday. After much pontification almost £100 isnt worth it for basically a blu ray in a card board box. The concept of doing an ‘all analogue’ vinyl pressing doesn’t really apply to a new remix. He more or less said the Stones were a busted flush in 73 and that GHS was crap. Seems odd not to have a 5.1 mix, I don’t think many people have got Atmos. 6. Two CD version for me! Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix) This new stereo version is very crisp with plenty of separation of vocals and instruments. The download version features the entire set (including bonus tracks and Brussels Affair) in HiRes 96 kHz/24 bit. Really looking for to the Super Deluxe Goats Head! 14. Looks like they got the formatting right on this one just the pricing is a bit high. 8. Just Japan. And she knows rock music. 9. Goats Head Soup never was released on SACD in the USA. But still miss a great high resolution remaster of the original mix! Tumbling Dice One of my fave tracks of all time, & there are many it gets me all the time “The Midnight Rambler”. 5. Winter The stereo and surround mixes have been created from the original session files and the rarities disc includes three previously unreleased tracks: ‘Scarlet’ (featuring guitar by Jimmy Page), ‘All The Rage’ and ‘Criss Cross’. what site was that listed on? There was no sign of the 96 kHz/24 bit DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix on the Blu-ray disc that came with my set. I saw it as soon as I opened it. GHS is one of the two absolute best RS albums in my opinion. The instrumental version before Mick Jagger added vocals and the Sonny Rollins sax for Tattoo You would be interesting. I picked of both the 4LP & the SDE but had to pay tax, and I live in Florida which is tax free. Good luck! 3. The guitars were mostly front left and right. The 5.1 mix IS on the disc. I haven’t got an Atmos set up so when I select the Atmos option the sound only seems to come from 2 speakers. 8. Jumpin’Jack Flash Scroll down to read more about the history of the album & watch the video for Scarlet! Mick has never roamed too far from the London School of Economics. If you like live recordings you will be quite pleased. Hope Japan will continue with their sacd-editions. Update: now it’s available again. 2. Go to CD Japan & you will see the 2disc shmcd/sacd of the album & you will get the 10 tracks on disc 2 & an extra 3 tracks inclusive. Brown Sugar Not sure why the 2 cd deluxe edition is $19.99 but the 3cd super deluxe is $137. I’ve got enough Rolling Stones for now. Goats Head Soup (2020 Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set) + "Goat Head" T-Shirt (100% Cotton) Spec: 4x 180g Black LP, ½ Speed Master, 12” sized material wrapped boxset, 4x printed inner, 2x 3mm spined single LP sleeve 1x 6mm spined gatefold sleeve. That might be enough to demand three discs. The 1960’s Stones albums don’t sell much anymore, and ABKCO’s primary income from The Rolling Stones is in licensing Jagger/Richards compositions for T.V. 9. However the bootleg copies I have definitely not seen all show a slightly different tracklist. Since I bought the Japanese box set of “live at the Marquee club” which had “the Brussels affair” as a bonus disc, I will content myself with the 2CD deluxe. Thanks. The pianos and keyboards were mostly rear left and right. Features the new stereo album mix, sourced from the original session files. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Anyone have any idea which ones she was referring to? I might for go the 2 disc version with this. According to the official unboxing promo on YouTube, the Blu-Ray “includes the full album plus the 3 unreleased songs in Dolby Atmos Surround Mix”. July 9, 2020 by Paul Sinclairtags: 1970s, Surround, The Rolling Stones, New stereo mix • 5.1 & Dolby Atmos • Brussels Affair • Rarities. My guess is that the idea for this set came from Universal Music, and while I’ll be buying the CD/Blu-Ray box, there’s one complaint. It’s on CD and vinyl. soupier deluze edition shm jap box is sold out from cd japan. Stinky Fingers The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup (2 CD, Deluxe Edition) - 04.09.20 (Erst-VÖ: 31.08.1973) GOATS HEAD SOUP ist das 11.te britische und 13.te amerikanische Sudioalbum der Stones und erschien erstmals am 31.08.197. Audio CD. And now the Stones Store are selling a one disc GHS with the alternate cover with a bonus etched 7″ single of “Scarlet”. OK Bruce. Does anyone know if the cassette version will be coming to Amazon? my opinion its ok but there has to be better and more tracks than this. WHAT??????????????? An essay by Nick Kent? Kind of. Somewhat annoying as I’d love the 7″ but have already pre-ordered the 2 disc clear vinyl and the 7″ isnt available to buy seperately. $130+ is more than a bit steep, but this often overlooked album sounds much fresher with the additional tracks and the live recording of one of their finest shows, ever. Hi Paul….thanks for that but, haven’t all or mostly all box sets that contain 5.1 Blu Ray or better always contained everything else that was contained within? 4. And they don’t even bother to do it right. Maybe stuff like their cover of Dobie Gray’s Drift Away was for It’s Only RnR but since it’s highly unlikely they’ll do a special edition of that album, why not just include it here? Marc, Hopefully there’ll be more 70’s Stones albums in surround because this adds value to spending £100 on a reissue and makes it a worthwhile purchase. Universal opted to make CD collectors unhappy by not filling the CD’s to capacity. Looks like I’ll do the 2CD version if it isn’t brickwalled. Goats Head Soup Greg what state you live in? The Rolling Stones. She’s a woman and by today’s standarts you’re a chauvinist if you say something rude about women! Dancing With Mr D Why is suggesting that no one should be interested in what Courtney Love thinks about The Rolling Stones in any way sexist? Paul is my hero! Is anyplace else selling the 2LP clear vinyl? John unfortunately HMV & Tower Records to my knowledge do not send overseas, while CD Japan are fine. One of the bands’ most under-appreciated albums. Packaged with 120-page book of photos and essays and 4 reproduced 1973 tour posters, rolled up within the packaging to avoid creases. i have only played it once when the lp was first issued and never again. Very impressed with the book and photos of the entire watershed year of 1973. The Rolling Stones have announced a deluxe edition of their 1973 album “Goats Head Soup,” a 4-CD boxed set with 10 unreleased tracks and a full concert from the same year. Stay safe everyone. Sod the Stones – where’s the 50th of Tull’s ‘Benefit’, hmmm? 10. Even Abbey Road SDE wasn’t that much and that had similar content (CD+BD w/ 5.1 and Atmos + book). All Down The Line This Goats Head Soup Super Deluxe Box Set features 35 tracks on 3 CDs & 1 Blu-ray. 5. Thanks for any feedback. includes a 120-page book, which sounds McCartney-esque in style, with loads of photos and three essays: 50 Years On – An Appreciation of Goats Head Soup by Ian McCann, Brussels Affair Live 1973 Tour by Nick Kent and The Story Of The Cover Art by Darryl Easlea. And the 40th of ‘A’, while they’re at it…….. Hopefully they will do a 50th of all the great albums because I missed some essential 40th editions. Includes new stereo album mix, rarities/alternative mixes, 3 unreleased tracks (Scarlet, All The Rage, Criss Cross), and 1973's The Brussels Affair-recorded live at Forest National Arena. Paul thanks for this excellent and addicting site. Small mark on disk. 4. Hi Paul, I’ve diligently collected all 13 in the PMc Super Deluxe series, but could you please tell me what other releases are officially in the Stones Super Deluxe series?? Hide Your Love ( Glyn Johns 1973 mix ), hi sean, cant find a japan site with this listed. I’ve loved this since the day it came out. 10. Dancing With Mr D Dancing With Mr D (Instrumental), 6. This does look quite similar to the McCartney archive series apart from the fact that it’s better as it has a 5.1 mix which none of the McCartney ones do. Paul, is there any information regarding who created the 5.1 mix? Wow they know how to charge similar sets by marillion and inxs £25 this appears to be £70 overpriced. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. The Stereo / Mono anniversary editions are from ABKCO who own the Rolling Stones 60’s recording. I was too, and I doubt that there will ever be a more creative outpouring of musicianship, experimentation, and raw energy than 1964-1975. The live "Brussels Affair" concert is the icing on the cake since this concert has been at times difficult to get, posters are also a nice bonus and one can frame them if one wishes. Mick was mostly front and center. 7. No sacd this time? https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b5/bf/b0/b5bfb07d95ecbc309ec9a38ebc72eec5.jpg. It’s like The Beatles, you’re always gonna pay more for a top class artist. Coming Down Again Goats Head Soup [3CD/Blu-... Ricardo, thanks a bunch! Please where can you order the Japan set ,with the two bonus tracks, for shipping to the USA or UK?

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